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Dr. John Battershill, Chiropractor (DC)

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Dr. John has been a chiropractor in Calgary for almost 30 years while being a patient of chiropractic care for over 40. He brings a lifetime of professional and personal experiences that contribute positively to his skill as a chiropractor into the treatment room.

As an ex-professional football player with the Calgary Stampeders and Toronto Argonauts, Dr. John has not only seen and successfully treated sports injuries and concussions, but has experienced them himself.

One reason Dr. John became a chiropractor was because of an injury sustained while playing football. He credits chiropractic for getting him back in playing condition in a relatively quick fashion.  This experience, coupled with a desire to help people, pointed Dr. John in the direction of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) where he completed his chiropractic degree.

Dr. John has taken his desire to help people accomplish their dreams and achieve their goals by seeking out complimentary treatment methods. These diverse treatment methods has allowed Dr. John to create a chiropractic and wellness centre dedicated to serving the health needs of the whole person by treating all contributing factors of symptoms and pain.

Dr. John doesn’t believe in band-aid treatments which serve to simply eliminate the initial symptoms present on your first visit, but aims to address the root cause of the problem so that your initial symptoms do not return.

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As you can imagine, being a professional football player is rather hard on the body and the brain. During his career, Dr. John did sustain more than one concussion on the football field which had led him to a new passion: treating concussions and other brain-related conditions.

Dr. John did not want long term cognitive and neurological issues for himself or his patients; therefore, he began learning from Dr. Carrick who is the founder of functional neurology. Dr. Carrick is largely responsible for getting Sydney Crosby back on the ice following Crosby’s two suffered concussions in 2010 / 2011.

As a result of his learning, Dr. John has created a concussion / traumatic brain injury treatment program we here at Revelation Health Centre call “Re-Gain Your Brain.  Because when it comes to your brain….. nothing can be more precious as it is the intelligence centre of your central nervous system. This treatment plan is just one of several that Dr. John uses to help his patients achieve their personal health goals.

A Chiropractor for Almost 30 Years…

Dr. John’s experience and passion for helping his patients has made him one of the best chiropractors in Calgary. See some of his Chiropractic Patient Testimonials here.

Using an active, hands-on approach, he utilizes his skill and knowledge of the body in correlation with patient feedback to create unique treatment plans for each person he sees. This is what sets him apart from other chiropractors in Calgary.

You won’t find many practitioners who combine several different advanced treatment methods to maximize your road to health or recovery from pain and / or symptoms like Dr. John does.

Want to know more about the in-depth experience, broad range of skills and unique treatment plans you’ll find at our clinic? See these 3 Reasons to Book Your Next Chiropractic Appointment at Revelation Health Centre today.

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