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Why See a Chiropractor in Calgary? Not Just Pain Relief

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Visiting a chiropractor can be very beneficial to your health not just in one or two, but several different ways.

Initially, it may just be relief from back, neck, shoulder, joint or knee pain that you’re looking for. But chiropractic care can offer so much more than just relief from pain. It can also treat and heal other conditions such as:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Poor digestion
  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Sports injuries
  • Accidental injuries
  • Reduce reliance on prescription drugs
  • Various diseases and degenerative conditions

Some chiropractors also offer a wide range of natural supplements and will make suggestions to patients on which of them will help progress their health back towards recovery as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Also, you do not need a referral from another health care provider to see a chiropractor. Because of the holistic and drug-free approach that chiropractors use, many are becoming increasingly reliant on their treatments because of an increasing awareness of problems with prescription and surgery methods.


Move Well, Live Well

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So the question remains: why see a chiropractor in Calgary other than for relief from pain?

Chiropractors assist the body to move well to stay well. If you lose the ability to move with healthy alignment, life may go downhill from a health perspective rather quickly.

Chiropractic care is about creating specific input to your nervous system which can improve your body’s function so you can get healthy and stay healthy.

Misalignment creates a reinforcement of abnormal motion which decreases the strength and endurance of the soft tissues around any misaligned joint. This makes you more prone to injury especially if you lead an active lifestyle, so making sure your properly aligned can minimize the chance of acute and potentially debilitating injuries from occuring.


Preventative Treatmentkensington chiropractor brain trauma dementia prevention treatments calgary alberta

When you see your chiropractor in Calgary for adjustments on a regular basis, your alignment is maintained which improves the function of your body’s movement pattern and combats the risk of several related degenerative diseases.

Chiropractic treatments also help to restore any broken “feedback loops” from the body to the brain and the brain to the body. This improves overall function day today but also improves longevity over a course of years too decades.


Active Participation in Treatmentsfitness shoulder sorness muscle strains pains

Chiropractic adjustments activate the nervous system so the body can heal itself. The nervous system controls the function of every single tissue in the body so maintaining it is a crucial part of staying healthy.

This entails the patient and the doctor working together as a team. Almost always the treatment program is guided by what the patient’s body tells the doctor.

That’s the beauty of our body’s interconnected biology as pain or discomfort in the foot, for example, could indicate you have a problem with alignment of soft tissue(s) in an entirely different area such as the hip.


Message to New PatientsJohn Battershill Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic


One of the first thing I say to new patients at Revelation Health Centre is how I want to move them away from pain towards health, the reasoning being because I do not want their pain and symptoms coming back.

There are many systems of healing that are like a band-aid which provide temporary relief but not long-term relief from the underlying cause. This is not part of my philosophy as a chiropractor.

It’s like when you see an iceberg floating in the ocean; what’s below the surface is much more ominous and larger than what you see above water. I am committed to treating the underlying cause – the hidden part of the iceberg – for all my patients to help them achieve maximum health and wellness.

– Dr. John Battershill


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