What Vertebrae Are Responsible for What? Ask a Chiropractor!

Vertebral Column – Reflexology Chart

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As specialists of the nervous system, Chiropractors have undertaken rigorous training to be able to know what part of the spine affects what part of your body.

If a vertebra in your spine experiences a subluxation (misalignment) due to trauma, stress or other influences, it absolutely can reduce function in the corresponding parts of the body associated with that vertebra.

The chart below shows what vertebrae are associated with what:

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Cervical spine

The cervical spine houses the part of the spinal cord responsible for sending messages from the brain to all other parts of the body (otherwise also known as your neck).

  • C1 – Atlas – head, brain, inner and middle ears
  • C2 – Axis – auditory nerves, sinuses, eyes, tongues
  • C3 – Cervical vertebrae – teeth, cheeks, outer ears
  • C4 – Cervical vertebrae – nose, mouth, lips, eustachian tubes
  • C5 – Cervical vertebrae – pharynx, vocal cords
  • C6 – Cervical vertebrae – shoulders, neck, tonsils
  • C7 – Cervical vertebrae – thyroid, elbows

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Thoracic spine

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The thoracic spine is the upper and middle part of your back and connects to you ribs.

  • Th1 – Thoracic vertebrae – trachea, esophagus, lower arms, fingers
  • Th2 – Thoracic vertebrae – heart
  • Th3 – Thoracic vertebrae – lungs, chest, breast
  • Th4 – Thoracic vertebrae – gall bladders
  • Th5 – Thoracic vertebrae – liver, blood circulation, solar plexus
  • Th6 – Thoracic vertebrae – stomach
  • Th7 – Thoracic vertebrae – pancreas, duodenum
  • Th8 – Thoracic vertebrae – spleen
  • Th9 – Thoracic vertebrae – adrenal glands
  • Th10 – Thoracic vertebrae – kidneys
  • Th11 – Thoracic vertebrae – ureters
  • Th12 – Thoracic vertebrae – small intestines, lymph circulation

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Lumbar spine

The lumbar spine is your lower back made up of the largest unfused vertebrae in the spinal cord, which allows them to support the weight of your torso.

  • L1 – Lumbar vertebrae – large intestines, inguinal region
  • L2 – Lumbar vertebrae – abdomen, appendix, upper legs
  • L3 – Lumbar vertebrae – bladder, sex organs, knees
  • L4 – Lumbar vertebrae – sciatic nerves, prostate gland
  • L5 – Lumbar vertebrae – lower legs, feet

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Sacrum & Coccyx

The sacrum forms a solid base on the spinal column and supports the weight of the upper body by intersecting with the hip bones, spreading that weight across the pelvis and legs. The coccyx is a smaller bone on the bottom of the spine that serves as an attachment node for soft tissues.

  • S1 – Sacrum – hip bones, buttocks
  • S2 – Coccyx – rectum, anus

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How can a Chiropractor help treat pain elsewhere than in the back or neck?

With intimate knowledge of the body’s nervous system, they can adjust the bones and manipulate soft tissues using various techniques to help alleviate pinched nerves and other subluxations in the body in a safe and effective manner.

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  1. As a pudendal neuralgia sufferer, I should tell you that this diagram is false. The biggest mistake is that the sacral region is not labeled and described correctly. The sacrum vertebrae are S1, S2,S3,S4, and S5, and each serve different regions within the pelvis. Below the sacrum is the coccyx, which should not be labeled as S2 and definitely does not serve the rectum/anus. You should toss this.

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