What to Expect from a Chiropractor: 5 Major Things

5 Things to Expect from Any Chiropractor

So, you’ve decided to visit the local Chiropractic clinic for the first time. What can you expect from a Chiropractor your first time around?

Even if you’ve been seeing a Chiropractor for many years and have decided to switch clinics, here are five things you can expect from any Chiropractor anywhere you go.

#1 – Professional Documentationchiropractic new patient form expect to fill one out at a doctor's office

The first thing you can expect from a Chiropractor is professional documentation via paperwork, or in today’s era a computer program like ChiroSuite for example, which records details for every one of your treatments.

On your first visit you will be asked to fill out a new patient form which gives the practitioner the information they need to create a treatment plan, which will help you recover from pain and symptoms as quickly as possible.

On consecutive visits expect your Chiropractor to record everything they find. For example, on your second visit if you have an extremity joint subluxation affecting the function of soft tissues in your arm, the practitioner should be recording all detail related to that finding either during or after the treatment.

An inclusive list of what to expect from a Chiropractor when it comes to documentation:

  • New patient assessment form details
  • Patient case history
  • Findings from physical examinations
  • Written diagnosis
  • Your health concerns and goals

… and anything else related to treatment which will help you accomplish your health goals.

Chiropractors often look at records from previous treatments so they know what you have been dealing with and what to look for and assess during that session.

#2 – Patient Confidentialitywhat can you expect from chiropractic care? Confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is one of the most important things you can expect from a Chiropractor.

All treatment sessions should be behind closed doors, and your practitioner should never expose details of your treatments to anyone outside of the clinic.

Sometimes your Chiropractor may discuss minor treatment details with his / her administrative staff for billing purposes, but that should be it.

Expect your doctor to be sensitive to treatments or health conditions that you would be sensitive to as well.

#3 – Treatment is Applicable to Your Visitback pain chiropractic clinic fascial manipulation therapy nw calgary

You don’t go to the emergency room when you need over-the-counter pain killers for a headache, so why would you go to the Chiropractor for something other than what you need?

If you are visiting the Chiropractic clinic because of neck pain, what to expect from your Chiropractor is treatment for neck pain.

On each visit you should tell the Chiropractor why you are there, and they should follow suit with appropriate treatment.

Your session should always be applicable to the reason you are visiting and should always be completely respectful and feel engaging at the same time.

At no time during a treatment should you feel rushed, pressured or mislead by the information presented to you.

Also, you should feel comfortable with refusing any adjustments that may cause you additional pain, or you believe will be too risky judging by the way your body feels.

#4 – Constant Dialogue Between Doctor and PatientExpect good communication between you and your Chiropractor

Good communication between the doctor and patient is key to success in Chiropractic care.

You can expect from a Chiropractor that they will be in constant dialogue with you to learn about your pain, symptoms, concerns and any other relevant information that will help make treatment more effective.

If you have a health concern and bring it up with your Chiropractor, it should be given their full attention. Also, you should have options to contact your doctor through:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Clinic website
  • In-office meeting

…to name a few examples. Some Chiropractors even offer emergency treatments, because we’ve all had that time when an incapacitating back or neck comes out of nowhere.

#5 – The Best Plan to Achieve the Best Results

Last, but not least, you can expect an effective treatment plan for the best results.

Long-term care isn’t always the best option financially; your Chiropractor should be motivated to help you achieve results in the shortest time frame possible.

Sometimes your practitioner may not feel like they can treat your condition if it is out of their scope of practice.

They should feel comfortable in referring you to another healthcare provider or Chiropractor outside the office.

Now You Know What to Expect from a Chiropractor!questions concerns calgary chirorpactors

At the end of the day, your expectations from your Chiropractor may be different from another patient.

It is always important to have open dialogue with your practitioner and make sure they know what you expect from them each time you walk through their clinic doors.

If you are still not too sure what to expect from a Chiropractor or have never been before, this list should have all the bases covered, anyhow.

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