What Does Your Posture Say About Your Health?

Your Posture is a Reflection of Your Health!

When your mom used to tell you to sit up straight, she wasn’t wrong. Your posture matters! Even when another person isn’t up close, they will notice your posture right away. Does yours say that you’re certain, self-assured and confident? Or does it tell a different story of fear, insecurity and uncertainty?

person in different sitting positions with good to bad posture

Truth is your body reveals your health, emotional state and level of confidence. Posture is a prime example of such a reflection. While it may not ruin your next business deal or make you unable to fit into your clothes, it does have a profound effect on your overall well-being.

Gravity, Posture & the Nervous System

Did you know that our bodies are constantly adapting to the effects of gravity? Astronauts, for example, who live for months at a time without its influence, start wasting away – literally. Their muscles weaken, and bones become feeble while their strength and vitality decline.

Here on earth, our body uses lots of energy to adapt to gravity. Something as simple as standing up tall requires coordination by your nervous system of approximately 200 muscles! It’s no wonder that people who have poor posture are often tired.medical illustration correct posture incorrect posture

Your eyes are always looking around and at the horizon, providing feedback to your nervous system (brain) to make sure you stay standing upright. Fluid in your inner ear is persistent in providing a constant flow of information to your nervous system (brain) about your positioning and balance. At the same time, pressure sensors in each of your feet send a feed of data up your spinal column and to your brain so that you can stand without losing your footing.

Bones are much like the steal beams used to build a skyscraper, but for your body. They won’t move, dislocate or become misaligned without external forces acting on them. In a skyscraper, steel is used because it can bend to a certain degree, so when wind, for example, acts on the structure it can move as much as it needs to without causing damage to the building.

Your muscles act a lot like the steel beams in a skyscraper. They will contract to compensate for physical, chemical or emotional stresses and protect the bones from external forces. Sometimes, they stay contracted when they shouldn’t. This is known as a muscle spasm and problems with posture often follow if not treated immediately.

Treating Muscle Spasms & Postural Problemsfitness shoulder sorness muscle strains pains

Our healthcare providers help people get relief from muscle spasms through Chiropractic care, massage therapy and other forms of treatment. Patients who seek treatment for muscle spasms often experience better balance, more fluid movements and increased vitality. As a result, compensations for contracted soft tissues through posture are often fixed!

Q – How to postural problems begin?

A – Your posture gives our Chiropractors a look at the condition of your nervous system. Posture shows how you react to stress. Some common sources of postural problems include:

  • Long days working at a desk
  • Childhood sports injuries
  • Uncorrected physical stresses from giving birth
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Unresolved emotional pressures

A result of these and other stresses is that your body assumes a defensive posture for its own protection.

Q – What are some early signs of postural problems?

A – Early signs of postural problems are evaluated by our Chiropractors in their assessments. They will examine your balance and alignment of your musculoskeletal system by looking to see if:

  • Your rib cage is shifted
  • The shoulders are not level
  • Your head is tilting to one side or the other
  • A hip is rotating improperly
  • Your walking pattern is normal

It’s important for parents to have their children checked so that postural problems don’t become engrained in their daily life early on and lead to something more serious in the future.

Q – Are posture and arthritis related to each other?

A – Yes, they can be! Arthritis in your spine can result from long-term postural problems. Your body reacts to malfunctioning joint surfaces by depositing calcium on them to try and secure the joint. Health conditions like bone spurs and eventually fusion of the joints can occur.

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