4 Ways RHC’s Chiropractors Can Help with Low Back Pain

4 Ways Our Chiropractors Can Help You Get Relief from Low Back Pain

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With the fall season just a month away, it’s back to the grind stone for many students and workers across Canada. In other words, a majority of us are going to be sitting at a desk of some sort – and if your posture isn’t perfect all day (pretty impossible to accomplish) – back pain might start to set in.

Back pain is a common problem among millions of Canadians. When your back hurts, other parts of your body begin to compensate which can cause additional problems. Daily tasks like driving, sitting or standing for longer periods of time become uncomfortable and can quickly demotivate you to do anything that causes the pain to flare up.

Have Back Pain? Consult a Chiropractor!

There are several causes of back pain: sports injuries, recreational activities, pregnancy, heavy lifting, ageing and the physical, emotional and chemical stresses of everyday life are just a few.

If you begin to experience back pain that lasts for more than a day or two, book an appointment with your Chiropractor to get it assessed. They should recommend the best course of action for correcting your symptoms while also digging deeper to determine what the root cause of your back pain is.

While every treatment plan is catered to the specific needs of the individual patient, our Chiropractors are specialists in treating the nervous and musculoskeletal systems of the body and generally use a combination of any of these five methods to treat low back pain in Calgary:

#1 – Cox Technique Spinal Decompressioncox technique table disc rehab spinal decompression nw calgary

Your spine is continually absorbing stresses as you go about your daily routine. In many instances, as a result of the physical forces it will compress, creating spinal subluxations and misalignment elsewhere as your body begins to compensate.

The Cox® Technique works to decompress your spine and correct misalignment through flexion-distraction and manual manipulation performed by RHC’s Chiropractors. Patients are put face down on a specially engineered table which helps our Chiropractor to decompress your spine and remedy low back pain in the process.

#2 – Chiropractic Care / Manual Therapy

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Our Chiropractors will gently manipulate and adjust certain parts of your spine that may be misaligned. Realigning your joints will help to reduce any inflammation, pain and discomfort often associated with low back pain. This is accomplished by the following:

  1. Joint mobilization: slow, gentle stretches of the joints / soft tissues
  2. Manipulation: a quick, but gentle adjustment that stretches and realigns the joint

#3 – Soft Tissue Therapy

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Soft tissue therapy is another way our Chiropractors can help with low back pain. This is used to treat tight and sore soft tissues. There’s a few different methods our Chiropractors use to perform soft tissue therapy, including:

  1. Active release therapy: mobilizing the muscle while applying pressure on the muscle
  2. Trigger point therapy: applying direct pressure on a knot in your muscle
  3. Manual release therapy: stretching the muscle while applying pressure
  4. Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy: using an instrument to apply pressure and release tension in a muscle

#4 – Home Exercises & Self-Management

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Our Chiropractors will prescribe simple exercises for you to do at home that will help reduce your low back pain and prevent it from happening again. They are also familiar with proper posture and lifting techniques, so if you have any questions about how you can self-manage your low back pain better, ask away!

Back Stretch Video Tutorials:

Proper nutrition is another good way to self-manage your low back pain. Check out these healthy food lists and be well on your way towards eating your low back pain away:

Nutrition Tips:

Don’t Ignore Your Back Pain!

Many people choose to just “wait it out” when it comes to back pain. Don’t let it get worse; if yours persists for longer than a day or two, consult a Chiropractor and make sure you get the treatment you need.

The longer you wait, the higher chance you have of being kept from doing your daily activities!

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