Huber® Motion Lab (Body Brain Balancer) in Action [Video]

Body Brain Balancer: Physical, Mental, Technique and Beauty Benefits [Video]

Huber® Motion Lab: Postural Re-Adjustment, Performance Enhancement, Neuro-Stimulation, Injury Recovery & More…

Have you heard of the Huber Motion Lab? Also known as the “Body Brain Balancer” at Revelation Health, this machine is a state-of-the-art healthcare tool used to help people with a wide range of personal goals.

Applications of the Huber® Motion Lab include:

  • Muscle strengthening of both deep and smaller muscle groups
  • Mobilization of the joints for injury recovery and prevention
  • Improved body composition: workout regime and weight loss
  • Correction of posture, sharpening of coordination and balance (neurological applications)
  • Several application to sports and medical treatment
  • Customized program creation available

The Huber® Motion Lab is versatile, intuitice, adaptable and fun to use.  Treatment sessions are relatively short but fully interactive with a touch-screen guiding the user every step of the way.

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Active training of the abdomen’s core postural muscles

Cardio: reduction of your heart beat by 10 beats per minute (bpm) during exercise

Flexibility: less painful and more efficient way of stretching ligaments and joints

Muscle reinforcement: targeting muscle(s) of your choice

Over 400 exercises included


Improved concentration

Increased resistance to mental fatigue

Mental representation of movement in space

All feedback is ultra-precise


Preset workout programs and protocols for more than 12 sports

Easy-to-use, free menu: adapted exercises work on your personalized biomechanics

Two-dimensional (2D) target: unique technology modelling the force components which reproduces and analyzes sport movements as a whole


Achieved through physical, mental and technique benefits

In a single session perform core, postural, cardio-training, muscle-toning, pilates and stretching exercises

Progressive and personalized protocols give a sense of accomplishment

Personal progress and achievements can be viewed at any time before or after use

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