10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chiropractic Care

10 Facts You Didn’t Know about Chiropractic

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More and more Canadians are turning towards Chiropractic Care as a means of alternative healthcare as the years go by. If you are currently seeing a Chiropractor, then you probably know what they can do for you from a health perspective.

But what about the business and profession itself?

Here are 10 fun and interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Chiropractic Care in Canada and around the world (but now you do!).

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#1 – Origin of “Chiropractic”

The word “Chiropractic” was derived by combining two words from ancient Greece: cheir which translates to hand, and praktos which translates to done.

“Done by hand,” suitable for the Chiropractic profession don’t you think?

#2 – World’s First Adjustment

The world’s first Chiropractic adjustment was performed by Daniel David Palmer in 1895 who is widely known as the founding father of Chiropractic Care.

Palmer helped a man named Harvey Lillard regain his hearing through adjustments, the loss of which stemmed from a bad back accident Lillard experienced 17 years prior.

#3 – Popularity of Chiropractic in Canada

Approximately 3 million Canadians consulted a Chiropractor every year 20 years ago.

Today, about 4.5 million Canadians visit a Chiropractor annually, a number that is growing as Chiropractic Care becomes a more and more popular form of alternative healthcare and even a way of life for some people.

#4 – Requirements to Become a Chiropractor in Canada

Becoming a Chiropractor in Canada requires some heavy duty training.

It requires a undergraduate bachelor degree and approximately 4 to 6 years of post-secondary education including a minimum of 4500 classroom hours and clinical instruction at an institution that has been approved by the Council on Chiropractic Education Canada.

#5 – CCA Membership

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The Canadian Chiropractic Association has more than 7,300 members who are fully licensed Doctors of Chiropractic.

In total, about 8,400 licensed Chiropractors are practicing in Canada.

#6 – Canadian Chiropractic is Regulated

Chiropractic is a regulated profession in all 10 of Canada’s provinces. Rules state that Chiropractors are allowed to use the term “doctor” in front of their names.

In Manitoba, it’s mandatory that Chiropractors put the word “Chiropractor” after doctor to differentiate themselves from other medical professionals.

#7 – Chiropractic Regulation Abroad

Chiropractic is regulated by law in more than 40 countries worldwide!

In the United States, all states fully recognize Chiropractors as licensed healthcare professionals.

#8 – Chiropractors Around the World

Across the world, it’s been estimated that there are approximately 95,000 Doctors of Chiropractic practicing their profession.

Today, in the United States alone there are around 10,000 students currently enrolled in Chiropractic programs.

#9 – Adjustments Around the World

On any given business day, there are approximately 1 million Chiropractic adjustments that take place across the globe. Now that’s a lot of realignment!

#10 – More Than Just Back Doctors

Chiropractors can treat a lot more than just the spine. Many use muscle testing to determine dysfunction in the extremity joints, organs and even the jaw to name a few examples.

Through an intimate knowledge of the body and nervous system, they can help fix a wide range of health complications outside of back and neck pain!

Sources: Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA), ChiroOne Wellness Centers

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