Therapeutic Massage in Calgary: What You Need to Know

What is Therapeutic Massage?best therapeutic massage in calgary alberta

A therapeutic massage helps to relieve muscle aches and pains by focusing intently on manipulating the soft tissues and muscles in the body.

Registered massage therapists that specialize in therapeutic massage – like Jose Navarro at Revelation Health, for example – typically use a broad range of techniques and apply varying levels of pressure depending on the treatment taking place.

This type of massage is used for a variety of different purposes like sports conditioning and injury rehabilitation. If you’re curious about how you can benefit from therapeutic massage in Calgary, we’ve got all you need to know. Also see:

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Therapeutic Massage Techniques

Therapeutic massages utilize a variety of techniques that help restore the body’s natural functioning. It implements light to firm touch to release tension, relax muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation, and imparts a sense of calm throughout the body.

Here are some of the techniques you may experience during your therapeutic massage:

• Swedish massage: Flowing, kneading, and passive joint movements that promote the release of tension as well as relaxation.

• Deep tissue massage: Slow strokes and deep finger pressure to work within the muscles and connective tissues of the body.

• Active release technique: Firm pressure is applied on soft tissues while the muscles are manipulated by your therapist. ART works to correct soft tissue restrictions that cause both pain and mobility issues with the goal of breaking down adhesions and scare tissue optimize your body’s level of function.

• Reflexology: This is the practice of holding pressure points (in the hands, feet, and ears) that stimulate reflex channels.

• Neuromuscular massage: These types of techniques can help treat chronic pain and injuries as well as improve muscular and postural imbalances.

• Craniosacral therapy: This is a light touch technique that results in deep relaxation and encouragement of the body’s alignment and natural healing ability.

• Lymph drainage therapy: This type of therapy can help facilitate the movement of lymph fluid through light pressure. It helps complement the treatment of auto-immune disorders, cancer treatments, and surgery.

• Hot stone massage therapy: Typically, hot stone massage therapy is done over a 90-minute session, which uses a variety of large and small smooth heated stones. This tool helps to induce deep relaxation.

How are Therapeutic Massages Different? what questions should you ask a chiropractor?

If therapeutic massage incorporates other types of techniques, how is it different than other types of massages you might ask? This is a great question!

Therapeutic massages are specifically intended to target soft tissues that have been injured. Relaxation massages for example don’t do this; relaxation focuses on your body in general which doesn’t guarantee that your rehabilitative needs will be met.

To add to the effectiveness of therapeutic massage, your therapist will often will often use neuromuscular and connective tissue massage techniques to ensure they properly treat any injuries or pain you may be experiencing.

What are the Benefits of Therapeutic Massage?

Research has shown the therapeutic massages can help all of the following:

1. Treat stress, anxiety, and depression

Therapeutic massages promote a relaxing response that can reduce symptoms of depression and stress disorders. This practice has grown in popularity over the past few years when used in combination with traditional medicine practices. Your chiropractor may recommend other alternative healthcare options to compliment your therapeutic massage.

2. Pain control

Therapeutic massages can help address pain by relaxing painful muscles, tendons, and joints or by relieving stress and anxiety. Research has shown that it helps treat conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and sciatica. It may also help with headaches as well. Ask your massage therapist if they think therapeutic massage is right to utilize as a method of pain control for your injury.

3. Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries occur in everyday life. Everyone from athletes to employees can experience overuse and repetitive strain injuries. Or, perhaps you’re an avid outdoors lover and injured your knee on a hike, or maybe you have whiplash from a recent car accident. Whatever the case, a therapeutic massage can help alleviate the pain and discomfort you’re feeling.

4. Healthy Maintenance

Like regular check-ups at your chiropractor, therapeutic massage can help prevent injuries before they even happen. If you’re beginning to feel soreness and / or pain in your spine or extremity joints, getting a massage will go a long way in making sure that injury doesn’t progress and get worse.

5. Improve Digestion

Therapeutic massages can indirectly normalize the digestive functions as well as improve the tone of the large and small intestines. Massages also have a stimulating effect on the digestive organs, which can aid in the absorption of fat. If you’re someone who suffers from chronic constipation, regular therapeutic massages in Calgary may be the perfect solution.

Is Therapeutic Massage For You?

Overall, if you’re looking to recover from an injury at a faster rate, signing up for therapeutic massage in Calgary is typically a good idea. You’ll want to ask your healthcare provider for their expert opinion first, however, and go from there!

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Questions about Therapeutic Massage in Calgary?

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