My traumatic brain injury rehabilitation

At thirteen years old, I experienced severe brain trauma. At the age of 60, I was displaying many of the symptoms of dementia, including a growing inability to follow conversations, complete a task such as cooking dinner, a growing loss of balance and a significant loss of memory. My neck movements were very limited and painful. An osteopath said that I could not be helped as I had a degenerative disc. At one point, my doctor had me taken by ambulance from his office, due to fears of a stroke, symptoms which had become quite normal for me. I went on medical leave from teaching, and retired the following year.

Within a month of treatment by Doctor John Battershill and his wonderful assistant, Leanne, my husband and family doctor could see a significant improvement. My poor balance showed marked improvement; for the first time in several years, I am again walking confidently across snowy pathways and am able to do yoga balances that had never been possible for me. I can again grocery shop alone without losing my cart and prepare meals unsupervised. The greatest joy for me is being able to participate in and remember the conversations of my children and husband.

I will forever be grateful to Dr. John for the new lease he has given me on life. Together with vitamin therapy, good nutrition and meditation, he has enabled me to again enjoy a life of good health, hope and happiness.

With gratitude,