Journey towards healing with Chiropractic and the “Re-Gain Your Brain” program

A couple of months ago I came as a new patient to Revelation Health Centre, to work with Dr. Battershill and his staff.

Over the past year I have been recovering from a 4 year battle with a debilitating illness that dramatically impacted both my physical and neurological health. Due to a very severe infectious disease, I spent over 3 years bedridden- unable to walk or talk, and struggled with severe pain, organ dysfunction and dramatic neurological symptoms. Prior to getting ill I was a healthy, athletic, high school student with no history of illness.

When I arrived at Revelation Health Centre for my first assessment with Dr. Battershill, I had come a long way towards healing and recovery, however, I was still struggling with several areas of dysfunction that were holding me up from full recovery. The unique and comprehensive treatment approach used by Dr. Battershill has improved the following areas of concern for me: posture, sleep, overall energy, mental stamina and concentration, and mind/body coordination.

I am very impressed with the innovative and comprehensive approach of Dr. Battershill and am really pleased with the gains I have made in a short time.

Thank you Dr. Battershill and Leanne for your work with me, and I look forward to further gains as I continue on my journey towards healing and full, active living.