Cox Technique helped me recover from a herniated disc

A year and a half before finding Dr. Battershill at the Revelation Health Centre, I injured my back transferring an elderly parent from a wheelchair into a vehicle. I had already been going to a Chiropractor regularly for minor back adjustments and addressed this recent injury with him. The discomfort was reduced by further treatments but after three months I developed severe pain in my hip and leg. The pain was so severe that I was barely able to walk, stand or lie down. Sitting was the only way to achieve any level of comfort.

For a period of three months, I was forced to spend my nights sleeping in a reclining chair. Over the counter and prescription pain medication didn’t touch the pain. After several visits to my Chiropractor, he advised me that he couldn’t help. I then tried acupuncture, deep tissue massage, laser therapy and physiotherapy. I even tried an inversion table. None of these treatments helped!

Eventually when I visited a second Chiropractor who sent me for x-rays and an MRI before conducting any adjustments, and determined that I had a compression fracture of one vertebrae, a herniated disc and several bulging discs. After a number of visits this second Chiropractor also said he could not provide the help I needed.

A back specialist advised that back surgery should resolve the problem but the wait list in Alberta was 18 to 36 months. I followed his recommendation and went to Vancouver to have the surgery performed right away. The surgery was a success and I was feeling better immediately.

Unfortunately, after three months of recovery and rehab the same disc herniated again and I was back where I started – barely able to walk, stand or lie down. The second Chiropractor I had visited recommended I see a colleague of his who performed adjustments using a Cox Flexion Distraction table. I contacted Dr. John Battershill and made my first appointment approximately 18 months after the initial injury.

I visited Dr. Battershill for adjustments using the Flexion Distraction technique three times during the first week and noticed immediate improvement in the level of pain in my hip and leg. After two weeks and six visits I was feeling remarkably better. The pain was minimal and my mobility was returning. Within four weeks I was down to one visit per week and feeling about 90%. The degree of improvement over such a short period of time was astounding. Within two months I was down to one visit every two weeks and continue to regain mobility and endurance.

As a result of the treatment I received from Dr. Battershill at the Revelation Health Centre, I have returned to my regular level of activity and am once again able to participate in all the activities which I enjoyed prior to my injury.

– Anonymous