Help for my grade 2 concussion

I suffered a grade 2 concussion in a men’s league hockey game – after nearly a month I was still off work and dealing with dizziness, light sensitivity, constant ringing in my ears and exhaustion. It was often painful to move my eyes and getting out of the house to buy groceries was difficult and some days impossible.

Medical doctors told me to wait and rest and that symptoms would eventually lessen. Although some days were better than others, no one was monitoring my progress.

After the first two treatments with Dr. John I noticed improvement in my ability to handle stimulus – he applied several adjustments and exercises that allowed me to do more before the onset of symptoms and reduced the discomfort.

After the fourth treatment I noticed the biggest change – I had trouble driving to the appointment and when I arrived my eyes were hurting badly and all sound and light were overwhelming. After a series of cranial adjustments I was noticeably stronger. As I left the appointment the ringing had increased slightly, but I had no difficulty on the drive home – before the treatment I wondered if I’d need to call a taxi.

I’m a very active person – I work in a stressful industry and play hard outdoors on my weekends – after my concussion I went from that to being shut in and unable to do the simplest of tasks. But with the help of Dr’ John – who has suffered serious concussions himself – I quickly increased my level of function to the point where I’ve now gone five days with few if any symptoms. There’s no magic cure for a concussion, but I firmly believe I would not be as far along in my recovery today if it were not for him. Thanks for everything Dr. John!

– Bill