Recovery from concussion suffered playing in the NCAA

In my final season in Florida playing softball on an NCAA Division 1 scholarship, my career came to an end when an overthrown ball hit me in the side of the head. After return to play too soon and a poorly handled concussion management protocol, I found myself stuck in the unpredictable world of Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS). I was in a very dark place, I had NO HOPE, daily life was a struggle, I was unable to function, there was NO END TO THE PERSISTANT SYMPTOMS, I couldn’t go to work, go to school, exercise, or do any of the things that at one time defined me.

After moving home to Calgary from Florida in June, I was told it would take 4 months to get me into a neurologist here. During those 4 months I struggled immensely with daily migraines, sensitivity to light and noise, brain fog, blurry vision, memory loss, and trouble finding words and concentrating. I tried many modalities to help with the symptoms but nothing seemed to help. I was told frequently that the only thing that could help me is rest.

I was referred to Dr. John by another Chiropractor at the end of October and since then my once bleak and unpromising existence has turned into a journey of continual brain improvement and self-discovery. I have seen drastic improvement since being a client at Revelation Health Center; my migraines diminished from daily to about 2-3 times a week. I have noticed longevity with my memory and the ability to focus and concentrate. I have started to have moments of clarity where it feels like my brain can function fully. I can do yoga and walk my dogs. I can also do more than one thing in an entire day without experiencing extreme headache and fatigue.

I attribute this to the amazing combination of treatments including frequent Chiropractic adjustments, dietary changes, LED glasses, the Interactive Metronome, and the Human Performance Lab. I have even started a part-time job this past month and am able to start thinking and working towards my future academic goals again.

I feel as if I am on the last leg of my recovery and I owe that to Dr. John and his assistant Leanne, who took me from being a stagnant, brain injured patient, to a patient who has finally gained the knowledge and power of being able to help herself more effectively deal with Post Concussion Syndrome.

I am now in my second phase of brain rehabilitation and continue to see improvements. The graded and continual progression laid out by Dr. John has given me more than just relief from many of the brain injury symptoms, but the supportive interactions I received from the staff at RHC has allowed me to see myself beyond a brain injured person. I now see myself as a competent, strong, well rounded, loving human being with great potential to lead and maintain a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

– Carrie