Recovery from Lyme Disease in the “Regain Your Brain” program

I first learned about Revelation Health Centre from a patient (of Dr John) while I was being treated for Lyme Disease. I had been suffering from chronic symptoms such as short term memory loss, inability to focus and executive functioning issues.

One of the first things I remember happening when I went to my 1st appointment, was being handed a form with some coloured markers. These were used along side an outline of the human body to help me describe my condition/situation.

With my prescribed symptoms, this helped me to describe my symptoms more clearly, as I found it hard to describe this to other doctor’s at this stage of my illness. He offered me a lifeline at a very difficult time in my life. My symptoms were varied and complex and he later became a very crucial part of my road to recovery.

He told me that I was his 7th Lyme patient and that whatever we would work on that day in the office would help make the other treatments I was receiving work more effectively. This included Chiropractic therapy, Interactive Metronome and Huber.

Over the course of the past two years, I made appointments twice a week, taking part in the three aforementioned treatments. His understanding of chiropractic medicine, brain function and supplements were also welcome expertise that I found to be helpful and consistent with other health professionals that had been working on my ongoing health issues.

Progress was slow but Dr. John and his assistant Leanne provided me with ongoing feedback to track my progress. The help and support I continue to receive at Revelation Health Centre has played a vital role in my recovery from this debilitating illness. I thought I was known in my life as a “fixer”. When I became “broken” I put my trust in Dr. John. He is a healer and I am grateful.

– Doug Winkler