5 Steps to Reaching Optimal Health Through Chiropractic Care

“Pyramid” of Chiropractic Care All Patients Should Know About

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Not many patients know about the different “steps” of chiropractic care, nor do they realize they’re participating in a treatment plan that’s built like a pyramid.

This “triangle of health” starts from the bottom and works its way to the top. Those steps include:

  • #1 – Relief
  • #2 – Correction
  • #3 – Maintenance
  • #4 – Prevention
  • #5 – Wellness

Each step, like a pyramid, is also larger than the next one up. In other words, you’re likely to spend more time in the “relief” period as your chiropractor finds the root causes of symptoms before moving on to fixing them.

Usually once patients reach step three it’s smooth sailing, but the real prize is at step five when they reach the top of the pyramid and can see for miles and miles. Okay, it’s a metaphor but surely you get the point!

So what exactly are these five steps of chiropractic care all about? Also see:

#1 – Temporary reliefBack pain disc rehabilitation chiropractors calgary

If you’re a first-time visitor to a chiro you’ll begin on the road back to health here.

Your aches, pains and other obvious symptoms are what brought you to a clinic in the first place. Good on you for doing something about it by the way!

In this phase your chiropractor will do their best to identify the root causes of your symptoms – pain, soreness, inflammation, etc. – and come up with a treatment plan that best suits your unique needs.

Many chiropractic patients choose to end treatments after they feel relief from their symptoms, but it’s not always the best to do so because symptoms can show back up quickly if the body hasn’t healed fully.

#2 – Fixing the problem

At this stage your treatment plan will be fully put into action. Some patients may experience relief from symptoms right away, while others not so much.

Depending on the type and severity of your injury, multiple visits may be recommended every week along with different types of techniques.

For example, cold laser therapy is often used on patients with inflammation and injuries to the soft tissues. This complimentary technique helps cells heal and regenerate via light energy on a molecular level.

Another example is when disc patients need spinal decompression and manual adjustments every second day to start seeing results as soon as possible. Herniated discs are no joke and require immediate treatment to kickstart the healing process.

Once symptoms are gone, many patients opt in to continue with treatments as a means of prevention. Such care builds on the initial investment – or treatment(s) – used to get relief and helps make changes that are longer lasting.

#3 – Keeping your health

You’ve regained your health and want to keep it. Heck, now you want to become the healthiest version of you as possible because you feel great!

Many patients choose to pursue such goals by booking regular treatments to maintain their personal progress towards health and avoid symptom relapses.

Once again, the frequency of regular visits should and will be attuned to the reason why you’ve visited your chiropractor in the first place. More severe injuries and / or conditions may require more frequent visits to ensure you’re keeping you health and progressing towards a healthier you.

The intention is to help you preserve your progress through chiropractic care thus far and help improve your health over the long term.

#4 – Early detection

After preservation comes prevention. Once you’ve reached your health goals the focus of your chiropractic care will be early detection of other problems through continuing regular checkups.

This can minimize the severity of any possible future flare-ups and is a preferred approach by many patients who are proactive at living a healthy lifestyle.

Patients in this phase of treatment usually come for one visit every two to four weeks. But once again that depends on the wants and needs of each individual patient.

#5 – Being your bestwoman winning celebrating healthy lifestyle

From a biological standpoint, we experience our lives through our nervous system (central nervous system / peripheral nervous system).

That’s why it’s so important to optimize our spines and nervous systems on a regular basis to help us become all that we can be.

As muscoloskeletal / nervous system experts, chiros are well equipped to help you along the road towards being the best and healthiest version of you possible.

Chiropractic care and other healthy lifestyle habits create endless possibilities where the sky is the limit. Once you feel great, then life will only get better!

Wishing you all the best in health!

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