5 Steps to Interactive Metronome Training [Infographic]

5 Simple Steps to Interactive Metronome Training

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Step #1 – the client performs a suite of physical movements to a computer-generated metronome beat

Step #2 – Interactive Metronome’s guide sounds and visual cues provide the client with real-time millisecond feedback, indicating an early – in-sync – or late hit with the beat

Step #3 – the client processes IM’s feedback while fine-tuning the motor movement being performed in an attempt to improve the millisecond score

Step #4 – as millisecond accuracy is improved, neural efficiency is strengthened, which indicates improvement in the brains ability to synchronize thought and movement

Step #5 – the Interactive Metronome program is tailored to each client’s needs. The length varies from 12-45 sessions with each session lasting 15 to 45 minutes

The Brain & Neurotiming®brain nw calgary neurology chiropractor concussion rehab

The Brain is made up of many regions that are responsible for different functions such as cognitive processes and physical movements.

To complete a task such as walking without falling or reading off a computer screen, several regions of the brain must “talk” to one another and be “in-sync”.

Quick, precise brain timing – or Neurotiming® – is critical for accurate communication in the brain’s network. Neurotiming® is what allows us to:

  • Focus
  • Play sports
  • Process language
  • Get good grades

If Neurotiming® is poor, a deficit is often displayed. Learn more at Attention, Coordination & Memory Therapy in Calgary.

IM EquipmentAttention Memory Coordination Cognitive Function Therapy Kensington Calgary

Headphones – worn during training so the user can hear the auditory components of IM

MCU – the “time-keeper” for IM training, providing the steady metronome beat and guide sounds. IM Universe® Software is run on a computer and features the visual feedback system, which includes engaging animated games.

Trigger Button – usually worn on the users’ dominant hand for upper extremity exercises

InMotion Trigger – lets users to de-tether from the system and incorporate gait exercises into IM training

Tap Mat – used by people when doing lower extremity exercises

The GoalChiropractor Acupuncture Kensington Calgary Alberta

The goal of IM Training is to improve brain timing – or Neurotiming® – through rhythm and repetition. Learn more about our Interactive Metronome Service today.

Also, check out our state-of-the-art BrainTap Service for everything from PTSD treatment and stress relief to correcting bad sleeping habits and improving brain function.

*Infographic & information sourced from www.InteractiveMetronome.com

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