7 Chiropractic Truths All Patients Should Know About

New to Chiropractic Care? Know These Truths!

important truths about chiropractic care

Whether you’re a new patient or have been seeing a chiropractor for several years, there’s a handful of truths – both good, and not so good (but not bad) – that all patients should know about.

Here’s seven truths about chiropractic care you should know about:

#1 – You’ve come to the right place

First of all, good on you for taking action for your health and seeking out alternative healthcare options. Naturally, since you’re the one putting the work in to your recovery, you’ll recover at your own pace.

Your chiropractor will recommend you return for treatments every so often depending on the severity of your case. It’s up to you to follow their guidelines and take whatever recommendations they have to heart and put them into action.

#2 – Insurance may not cover all costs

If you’re seeking chiropractic care and think your insurance will cover all costs, that may not be the case. Make sure to contact your local chiropractic clinic as well as your insurance before treatments to determine what will, and may not be covered.

Each patient receives a unique treatment plan customed to their unique needs. Therefore, your chiropractor is likely to recommend using additional techniques that may cost something. Be prepared!

#3 – Chiropractic is safe and natural

No drugs and no surgery are involved in chiropractic care. Many chiros also believe in holistic treatments, meaning the whole person is assessed for physical, mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a condition or injury.

This is accomplished by identifying the areas of your extremity joints and spine that are interfering with the function of your nervous system. Since your nervous system is somewhat like a “regulator” for your body, health can return.

#4 – You can stop when symptoms go away, but…

It will be tempting to stop seeing your chiropractor after you feel better, and that’s okay! But chiros will recommend you come back for regular check-ups or maintenance to ensure that you don’t have a symptom relapse and the underlying root cause of those symptoms is healed.

Your insurance policy may not cover continued treatments either. Consider your health goals, then make a decision if you want to continue maintenance treatments.

#5 – Continued visits will reduce in frequency

If you do choose to go the maintenance route and come back for regular check-ups, it probably won’t be as often! With your spine and extremity joints more stable, your chiro should be able to reduce the frequency of your visits.

All chiros should have a special plan that can make any continued treatments not covered by your insurance policy affordable. Just ask!

#6 – We care about you as a person

Chiropractors are passionate about helping you recover from injuries / conditions and maintain your health. Any recommendations they make come from a place of desire to see you get well and stay that way.

Unfortunately for some patients, further treatment recommendations may be at odds with the limitations of your insurance policy. Despite those limitations, your chiro will tell you what they think will help further, and it’s up to you to decide how far you want to go.

#7 – New patient fees may apply

Many chiropractors have different policies around new patients. If you haven’t seen your chiro at all for a year or longer, for example, some clinics will treat you as a new patient – meaning you’ll pay more for your first treatment.

New patient assessments usually cost more and last longer than regular check-ups, but they also are absolutely essential for your practitioner to develop a unique treatment plan tailored to your needs. Regular visits to your chiropractor, even if its once every few months for example, is a good way to maintain health and avoid new patient fees in the future.

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