10 Examples of Sports Concussions & their Effect on Athletes

Sports Concussions Can Be a Life-Changing Event

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Concussions can and do happen when playing sports. Some people think that its just the physical contact games in which players are prone to concussions, although that’s not entirely true.

Even snowboarders, divers and soccer players sustain concussions during competitive play – and that goes for athletes of all skill levels, from beginner to and throughout the professional level.

Below are just a few examples of how concussions have affected professional athletes throughout their careers.



A vicious elbow landed on Oklahoma City Thunder’s James Harden by the LA Lakers Ronald Artest on April 22nd, 2012, left Harden with a concussion that would make him miss the first two games of the regular season. Artest was suspended for seven games for the incident, including the first five playoff games for that season.



Male players may get the spotlight in soccer, but they aren’t the only ones suffering debilitating head injuries. Two-time U.S. Olympic gold medallist Cindy Parlow Cone suffered her first soccer-related concussion in 2001. The former player scored more than 50 percent of her goals with her head.


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U.S. alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn missed a slalom in the 2011 World Cup finals after suffering a minor concussion in training. She was controversially cleared for a super-G race days later and took silver, though she said she had skied “in a fog”.



Eric Lindros, the retired hockey star, suffered enough concussion – starting at age 17 – that he worried about being labelled “concussion-prone”. Born in London, Ontario, Lindros lectures and was the subject of a feature on concussions in ESPN The Magazine and Maclean’s. Eric Lindros’s younger brother, Brett Lindros, was a first-round pick and ended his career at 20 after two severe concussions in 1995. He was with the New York Islanders at the time.



Lamar Campbell, the former Detroit Lions player, says two things were behind his decision to donate his brain to Boston’s Centre for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy after his death. One is the suicide of former linebacker Junior Seau. The other is Campbell’s young son, in case he decides to follow in dad’s cleats.



Canadian two-time Olympic medallist Alex Despatie concussed himself after banging his head on the diving board during a practice in Spain in the summer of 2012.


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In a MLB game on August 11th, 2012, New York Mets outfielder Mike Cameron collided head on at full-speed with teammate Carlos Beltran in attempt to catch a flying ball. He suffered a concussion, two broken cheekbones and a temporary loss of vision. Cameron was forced to sit out for the rest of the season because of his injuries and was later traded to San Diego.



“Snowboarding isn’t worth it,” Gretchen Bleiler, the American 2006 Olympic silver medallist, moaned after suffering a severe concussion, fracturing an eye socket and breaking her noise during a 2012 training session. Bleiler dropped out of the 2013 Winter X Games.



Sidney Crosby gamely opted to return to the ice after a blind-side hit from the Washington Capitals’ David Steckel during the Winter Classic on Jan.1, 2011. After another hit knocked him head-first into the boards days later, Crosby suffered from headaches, light sensitivity and mental fog that took him from the game for nearly two years at the peak of his abilities



Famous Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Favre suffered a concussion after he was hit by 310-pound New York Giants defensive tackle William Joseph during a game in 2004. After the hit, Favre threw a touchdown pass the very next play but funny thing is that after the game he said he didn’t remember it at all.



Mike Piazza, an all-star player for the New York Mets at the time, was memorably hit in the helmet by a fast ball from all-star New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens in a game on July 8th, 2000. Piazza sustained a concussion that made it impossible for him to play in that year’s MLB all-star game.


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