How to: Shoulder Dip Stretch for the Lower Trap [Video]

Step-by-Step: How to do Shoulder Dip Exercise (Lower Trap Stretch)

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While shoulder dip exercises target your triceps muscles, you cannot do this exercise without also activating your traps. Your trapezius muscle has lower, upper and middle heads, runs from the midpoint of your back up to your neck and is often a focus point of pain and discomfort for patients who visit our clinic for Chiropractic Care.

Performing a shoulder dip specifically targets your lower trap which runs up to your scapula along your spine. During the dip exercise, your trap acts as a stabilizer muscle, which means it contracts as you perform the exercise. Doing stretches like this are just one of the ways you can maintain the health of your spine.

Relieving Stress & Discomfort

Many people find their lower trapezius muscle sore daily for a variety of reasons. You could have a sore lower trapezius because of a long and hard day at work, or perhaps because of strenuous and repetitive exercise at the gym.

Whichever it may be, this simple shoulder dip exercise described and shown below by Dr. Keith Belliveau, Chiropractic at Revelation Health Centre, should help you alleviate some of that pain and / or discomfort in your lower trap. Dr. Keith is passionate about helping his patients in and outside of the office lead healthier lives.

Here is how you can perform a shoulder dip exercise at home by using any flat / stable surface:

Shoulder Dip Exercise Tutorial:

 “Alright guys, this is an exercise for the lower trap. So, we all know the upper trap… it’s this muscle up here that gets really tight after a long day of work or when your under stress or you’ve been hunched over a desk… this is going to activate the opposite side.

So your upper trap is up here, the lower trap is actually what connects them lower to your back. So, when we start to activate that lower trap, we’re actually releasing some of that tension up here; we don’t feel the need to stretch it and massage it as much. We also improve the posture of our shoulders, bringing them down and back.

So we all know the tricep dip… kick the legs out, use your elbows to do a dip, similar to no elbows so that you’re just using your shoulder blades. So right now, I’m pushing my body up against gravity, activating that lower trap. So you’re going to do this for reps… it’s an endurance exercise, it’s an activation exercise.

So do it for a ton of reps until you feel fatigued, sit, have a rest… then do it again, do it a couple times a day, you’ll feel the lower traps kind of thing bring your shoulders down and back.”


– Dr. Keith Belliveau, Chiropractor

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