Dementia Prevention

cognitive brain treatments calgary hillhurst sunnysideWhat is Dementia Prevention?

It’s about keeping your mind sharp, your whit intact and your health in the best condition as possible when you age. That’s what our dementia prevention treatment program is all about at Revelation Health Centre.

Think of the people you know who are 70, 80 or 90 years of age. Which ones are shining examples of what you would like to be like when you are also in the “golden years” of life? I would bet they are the ones who are active and as sharp as a tack.

Unfortunately, many things we have done in life could cause the brain to get sluggish or foggy. We can’t change those; however, we can do everything in our power to prevent further decline or from succumbing to degenerative neurological disorders like dementia.

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Dementia prevention treatments offered by Dr. Battershill include a complete assessment of the entire nervous system starting with overall brain function and then continuing with the body.

Dr. John accomplishes this through 30+ years of experience combined with additional education in functional neurology which allows him to assess and diagnose brain function with incredible accuracy and create treatment plans with great results!

Dr. John will look at your balance, movement, how smooth you walk and the range of motion you have in various joints throughout your body. All these can be indicators of “sluggishness” or “fog” in the brain.

Once the assessment is finished we can work with you to determine specific exercises which are designed to activate all parts of the brain.

Why dementia prevention? Because you are worth it and you worked hard throughout your adulthood. Your senior years is when you should be able to enjoy your hard work.

A Word on Dementia Prevention

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As we age, connections between the brain and body in the nervous system can begin to slow. This includes everyday tasks such as organization, motor functions, balance and movement that help us recreate and do daily activities without the threat of falling.

Using functional neurological examination, weaknesses in the brains neuron transmissions can be identified, and just like atrophy in muscles from lack of use, certain parts of your brain will also atrophy if not active.

Specific exercise programs are initiated that activate all parts of the brain based on examination results restoring function and quality of life.

Remember that decreasing function and aging are not always synonymous!

– Dr. John Battershill, D.C.

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