Senior Recovers from Sciatica and Back Pain in Calgary

Chiropractic Patient Recovers from Back Pain + Sciatica

Are you in your “golden years” of adulthood and looking for a Chiropractor in Calgary? If so, you’ll want to hear what E.R. (she has chosen to be anonymous) has to say about her Chiropractic care at Revelation Health Centre in the Kensington District.

First off, we want to thank E.R. for leaving us such a detailed review and are ecstatic about being able to help her recover from her “walking back pain” and sciatica she describes below.

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E.R. – 5 Stars – Recovers from Back Pain & Sciatica


As an eighty-two year old woman, I can genuinely and thankfully say that, “Wonders never cease!” Over the years, I have seen and received help from an excellent Massage Therapist and Physiotherapist; however, I had never visited a Chiropractor until recently.

I have dealt with and managed having varying degrees of arthritis, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis. In December 2018, for the first time, I developed a frozen shoulder, and I had also NEVER experienced the type of back pain that I felt ! I visited my doctor who sent me for x-rays, stated that my arthritis and osteoporosis was getting a bit worse, but had no suggestions as to how to improve this.

In March, something felt “Out of whack” in my back and unfortunately, I was experiencing a lot of extra pain. I decided that although I had never visited a chiropractor before, (and to be honest, I was apprehensive about doing so as I had heard that chiropractors could be quite rough and actually add problems to existing issues! ), I desperately needed help and relief from the pain that I had been experiencing! I was experiencing so much pain that I had to take several Advil tablets each day.

After first filling out a comprehensive questionnaire, I visited the “Revelation Health Center”, located in Kensington, for the first time in April 2019. I met Dr. John, who read my questionnaire, asked follow-up questions, and completed a variety of tests, which included testing my range of motion, alignment, etc. Dr. John said that I had problems/weaknesses with my ligaments, joints, tendons, that my left hip flexor was weak and internally rotating, my shoulders were misaligned, my nerves were compressed, and that I was a “complex” case. I felt overwhelmed at the variety of things that were wrong with me!

I had horrible pain in my back and every step I took hurt very much. I had trouble getting into the car as a passenger, and was not even able to drive myself for 3-4 months! The first time I saw Dr. John, I could not even turn my neck, and every which way I moved, it would hurt. I told him exactly where the pain in my back was occurring. Dr. John explained that the nervous system is the foundation and building block for everything; seeing his posters of the skeletal system and having him show me exactly where my pain was coming from, as well where he would be able to help me, was very beneficial. He said that although it may take some time and would not be an overnight fix, he would definitely be able to help me.

Dr. John sent me for x-rays, and read/explained the notes that accompanied those x-rays. He determined that in addition to the host of problems mentioned above, that as a consequence of my sciatic nerve being compressed, I also had sciatica in my back. It turns out that my awful pain was actually from sciatica and it took some time and effort to decompress those nerves. My sciatica is gone now and I do not have pain when I walk—all as a result of Dr. John’s work/manipulations!

Dr. John is also very knowledgeable about a variety of vitamin supplements and minerals; personally, I prefer treating different conditions, when possible, using a natural approach as opposed to taking pharmaceutical medications. Learning that Dr. John also shares this approach is another thing which helped to alleviate some of my previous apprehensions associated with seeing a chiropractor.

Dr. John is very professional and genuinely cares about helping his patients; his experience being a former “Calgary Stampeder” contributes to his caring for and personal understanding of people’s pain; he knows how significant and crucial it is to receive treatment which actually addresses the problem itself, as opposed to simply treating symptoms. It is amazing how much my pain has diminished, and how much better I feel since beginning to see Dr. John on April 2–he is just terrific!


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