How to: Thoracic Rotation Stretch for Flexibility & Mobility [Video]

Step-by-Step: How to do Thoracic Rotation Spinal Stretches

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Your thoracic spinal region is in the upper part of your back around the same height as your chest area. This part of your spine is connected to your ribcage which protects your internal organs; it consists of 12 different vertebrae. Tight ligaments and muscles in your thoracic region can cause discomfort in your upper and lower back, as well as in other parts of the body if compensation occurs.

Dr. Keith at Revelation Health Centre is passionate about helping his clients and anyone else seeking information to accomplish their health goals not just through Chiropractic Care, but also through stretching instructional videos he’s made that promote spinal health, like the one for this rolling thoracic spinal stretch.

Here is a rolling thoracic spinal stretch that helps to ease discomfort and increase mobility in your thoracic region:

Thoracic Rotation Stretch Tutorial:

Hey guys, this is gonna be an exercise where we teach our thoracic spine (our t-spine) how to rotate. So, many times a day we’re flexing our spine forward and have not enough time dedicated to actually rotating and this is an area that should be more flexible than it is.

So, let’s go into a lunge position and I am going to go right leg forward so you can see what’s happening. So, you go right leg forward, left leg canopied up off the ground or down – doesn’t matter – and you’re going to have your hands in line with your front leg.

So you’re going to stay in this lunge position, you’re going to open up – this is going to be the easy way –  to the same side as the knee, rotate through that thoracic spine, come down, cycle through to the other side. Open up that left side, open up as far as you can, come back down. This is going to help break up the muscles that are controlling rotation in the spine and help get those joints rotating a bit more.

Do this a couple times a day and you’ll feel a huge difference in your T-spine.

– Dr. Keith Belliveau, D.C.

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