Why Should Your Children See a Chiropractor in Calgary?

Chiropractic Care Benefits Children Too!

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Young children are constantly growing and need all the opportunity they can get to develop healthily and without challenges. Chiropractic care can be instrumental in helping with that by making sure a child’s nervous system is functioning optimally and the musculoskeletal system is properly aligned.

Everything in our body is controlled by the nervous system. All movements, functions and so on and so forth are a result of input and output to and from the nervous system. So, when an injury or misalignment (also known as a subluxation) prevents the nervous system from functioning optimally, it can cause major problems for children of all ages as they grow and develop into an adult.

Children need to be healthy to their full potential.

That’s why many parents today are choosing Chiropractic care for their kids as the implications of lowered function in a developing child’s or teenager’s nervous system can be profound. Also see:

Common Treatable Injuries Among Children

With three children of his own, Dr. Battershill, Chiropractor at Revelation Health, will be the first to tell you that kids will play almost whenever and wherever they can, while many are also active in sports and can sometimes get injured at practice or in a game.

Some of the most common injuries children experience throughout their youth include:

Children who are involved in sports and other strenuous physical activities in particular are more prone to misalignment in their spine and extremity joints.

It’s important that these subluxations are addressed early because as a young child or teenager grows, they have the potential to develop poor postural patterns and habits that can be much more challenging to treat if left untreated.

How Chiropractic Care for Children Worksnw calgary chiropractors pediatric family care

Children are particularly delicate and fragile which is why your Chiropractor will adjust their treatments accordingly. Contacts during manual adjustments are quicker, use less force and aren’t as deep in comparison to those made in most adult treatments.

However, keep in mind that a tough teenage hockey player who’s sustained an elbow injury, for example, may need a little more force during soft tissue therapy for effective treatment.

Chiropractors will perform a thorough initial assessment using muscle-testing and other techniques. Next, a series of gentle Chiropractic adjustments will help to correct any spinal and / or extremity joint subluxations affecting nerve function.

Depending on the type and severity of any injuries, other treatment options may also be recommended by your Chiropractor. Some of the additional options offered at Revelation Health Centre include:

Your Chiro might recommend you and your kid(s) get regular check ups, especially the young ones to promote healthy growth and development. But is that a good fit for you and your family? Learn more:

A Word on Pediatric Chiropractic Care… john battershill revelation health centre calgary


The most important thing for child chiropractic care is alignment. If the twig is bent so grows the tree is the old saying, and it is so true!

Kids have many falls and twists and are often conscious enough to express themselves to their caregivers, so I suggest they get checked regularly at least once every 4–6 weeks.


– Dr. Battershill, Chiropractor

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