Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Chiropractor in Calgary

The Best Questions to Ask Your Chiropractorwhat questions should you ask a chiropractor?

How do you know which Chiropractor is the one for the job? One way to find out is by having these five questions to ask your Chiropractor handy, which will give you an idea if a practitioner is a good fit.

Chiropractic patients, get the care and attention you deserve! Ask your Chiropractor at least one, if not all of these questions before committing to treatment!

Q#1 – What are your specializations?

You don’t go to a hockey store to get football equipment. Nor would you go to a Chiropractor who specializes in prenatal care if you sought Chiropractic treatment for your sports injuries.

That’s why one of the first questions to ask your Chiropractor in Calgary is what his / her specialties are, and if they have experience in treating whatever condition or injury it is you have.

For example, Dr. John Battershill, one of our Chiropractors at Revelation Health Centre, is an experienced practitioner with 30+ years of experience under his belt. He specializes in:

  • Cervical and low back disc injuries / bulges
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Soft tissue / spots injuries
  • Concussions and cognitive decline treatments
  • Stress management

Q#2 – What techniques do you use?cox technique table disc rehab spinal decompression nw calgary

Another one of the questions to ask your Chiropractor in Calgary is about techniques. What kind do they use, and are they a preferred form of treatment for you?

For example, some practitioners may use activator methods while others perform manual or manipulative therapy.

You may prefer a more “hands on” approach to treatment and go for the Chiropractor who uses manipulative therapy. Or, you may prefer the least amount of hands on you as possible and look for one who uses activator methods only.

(The activator method makes use of a tool with a spring and moving parts to exert a mechanically implied force onto your body. It is quick, and in some cases is effective enough for adjustment)

For an in-depth look at the techniques used at our office, check out:

Q#3 – Do you offer a free consultation?

You wouldn’t buy a new car without meeting the sales representative, so why would you see a Chiropractor without a free consultation?

This is an important question to ask your Chiropractor in Calgary, or their admin staff. By getting a free consultation, you can see if this clinic / practitioner is a right fit for you.

During the free consultation, make sure to ask the Chiropractor as many questions as you can about treatment. It usually helps to prepare a list of questions so that you can make a decision on if you want to move ahead with treatment or not.

(Revelation Health’s Free Chiropractic Consultation lasts up to 10 minutes or longer. At the end, the patient is given the option of moving ahead after their unique treatment plan and the associated costs are laid out for them by the our practitioner)

Learn more about what you get with our complimentary consultation:

Q#4 – How many visits will I need?northwest chiropractors calgary kensington hillhurst sunnyside

After a Chiropractic consultation, the details of your treatment plan should have been explained to you in full. That includes the answer to a very important question to ask your Chiropractor in Calgary: how long will I need to see you for to recover?

The length of recommended treatment will vary relative to the injury or condition you have. If you have a sports injury, for example, which is caused by a subluxation, it may take a few visits to correct the misalignment and get you back to normal.

However, if you have suffered a concussion, bi-weekly visits for the first few months followed by consecutive weekly visits for a few months afterwards may be the best option for recovery.

Many people also see a Chiropractor once every two to four weeks for regular maintenance and check up. This helps them prevent injury before it happens. Also see:

Q#5 – How does billing for your services work?

Perhaps some of the most important questions to ask your Chiropractor in Calgary are related to how billing works. A few important questions you will want to know the answer for:

  • Is it a fixed price per treatment?
  • Does billing vary depending on the treatment?
  • Is direct insurance billing an option?

Almost all Chiropractic clinics require payment at the same time services are rendered. However, some clinics offer payment plans for patients who cannot pay in full upfront.

Also, a new patient assessment will cost you more at almost all clinics versus a returning patient. The same goes with a cold laser therapy session versus shockwave therapy, for example.

Ask your Chiropractor and their office staff how billing works. It is important to know what it will cost you to visit the Chiropractic clinic and will help to eliminate any surprises.

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