Calgary Chiropractor: Treating Lower Back Pain Resulting From Pregnancy

You Don’t Have to Put Up with Lower Back Pain During Your Pregnancy!

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For many, low back pain is a part of life and many chiropractic patients say ‘it’s no big deal’, especially during pregnancy. They think it’s a ‘normal’ part of pregnancy, that it is something to be expected.

It’s often enough that over 50% of pregnancy women report they experienced low back pain during pregnancy!

Its important to remember that pain is just a big warning signal. It is your body’s way of communicating to you that something is up.


What does research say?

From a health care perspective, the team at Revelation Health Centre would like you to know that research has shown that:

“84% of patients receiving spinal manipulative therapy reported relief of back pain during pregnancy. There was significantly less likelihood of back labor when spinal manipulative therapy was administered during pregnancy.”*

*Diakow PR, Gadsby TA, Gadsby JB, Gleddie JG, Leprich DJ, Scales AM.   J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1991 (Feb); 14 (2): 116-118

A Webster certified chiropractor is the perfect person to decipher these signals and guide you through to recovery.


5 Common Occurrences Associated With Low Back Pain:

pregnant woman prenatal chiropractic in calgary revelation health centre

Posture: as pregnancy progresses women tend to: increase arching in the backs, stand with knees locked and feet turned out.  All of this put more strain on the ligaments and bones and can cause a greater sense of fatigue.

Changes to your lifestyle: depending on your pregnancy. you most likely cannot maintain your exercise schedule. Most of the time this is due to fear or not understanding modifications that can be made to accommodate this new stage in your life.

Extra weight: The weight you gain during pregnancy is good for your baby as it protects them; it can be stressful on your back. This changes your center of gravity (by moving it forward) and adds additional strain on your muscles in your back.

Change in center of gravity: As your uterus increases in size, your center of gravity tends to shift forward. Gradually you’ll begin to adjust your own posture as well as the way you move. Such compensations can lead to back pain.

Your hormones: When the hormone relaxin is released during pregnancy, it causes your joints to loosen and your ligaments between the pelvic bones to soften, making it easier for the baby to pass through the pelvis when it is time. These changes may result in back pain often while walking because of compensations made elsewhere in the body.


Prenatal Chiropractic Care is SafeKensington Calgary Chiropractor Dr. Jacquelyn Nicholls

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe but most importantly it is effective! Let’s keep the back pain away so you can focus on this momentous time in your life.

As many of my patients have heard me say: Labour is called that because you are going to work. I do not say this negativity but more to call to attention to women to allow them to prepare.

Low back pain can be distracting and exhausting during labour. If we, as a health team, can eliminate one stimulus of pain or distraction it can allow a laboring mother to focus on delivering her baby in whatever manner she wants to.

– Dr. Nicholls


Back pain can occur at any time during pregnancy which can interfere with daily activities and the ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Revelation Health Centre’s goal is to help you to understand the functions of your body that have created the pain and symptoms and your role to play in moving away from pain and toward health.


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