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Do you live in Calgary and have been or know someone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease? If so, you may be interested in the following video!

A local American news network shows Sally, an elderly woman suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, working with Interactive Metronome® (IM) to reduce the effects that PD symptoms have had on her daily life.

Interactive Metronome is just one part of a multi-faceted treatment program that our office uses to treat the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. This thoroughly researched and proven medicine technology helps to improve motor function such as writing and drawing skills, balance and coordination.

Thousands of adults and children with a wide range of attention, coordination and memory problems have benefited from using Interactive Metronome. This treatment method is not only convenient, but very affordable and has been proven to obtain results!

Parkinson’s Patient Benefiting from IM Training


Rehabilitation therapy… it sounds very serious, and is not always fun and games, but Melissa says it can be. Yes, these days therapists are borrowing some ideas from child’s play to get their patients back in the swing of things.

Music is helping Sally Smith find her groove despite the tremors of Parkinson’s Disease that make a lot of things difficult.

Walking and standing straight, my imbalance…

She even struggled to get up from the chair which had her feeling left out at her Eagles auxiliary meeting.

I’m always sitting at the table when they get up to salute the flag.

At Kansas rehab, therapist Karen Theron is helping Sally overcome those challenges, most of the tools aren’t real fancy… scarves and balls for instance.

We evaluate what their strengths are and what the challenges are that they’re facing, and then we identify exercises and activities to help them address those challenges in a fun way.

Reaching for the scarves for example improves range of motion. A series of exercises with racquetballs works on coordination and grasping skills. It even helps sally rise out of a chair. Many of the tasks are founded in rhythm.

Working with an Interactive Metronome program helps Sally see the reaction time in her movements. It’s a feeling that can be mimicked with the music.

If someone happens to have Parkinson’s, oftentimes they have difficulty initiating movement. They know what they want to do, but the information is not translating to take action… and so they begin to use rhythm to actually initiate movement without hesitation which decreases their risk of falling.

Using rhythm also helps reinforce new ways of doing familiar action to improve function, like drawing or fighting. This was a note Sally wrote when she first started, and this was just a few days later. The fact these exercises have concrete results offers another benefit.

Instead of when the doctor says how are you doing? I’m just not doing as well… patients are able to give very specific information. They can’t get up and down from the chair as quickly as they had. It takes 30 steps to cover a distance of 10 feet versus 10 steps, etc.

Sally says its working for her.

It’s improved so much…

And she’s proud once again she’s able to join in that show of patriotism. Salute the flag!

Now its not just Parkinson’s patients, also stroke patients can help form this and they like to involve the family so Sally says she and her grandson like to do the coloring and play some of those video games… really cool!!!

More on Interactive Metronome®

Sally isn’t the only one who has benefited from using the timing and rhythm exercises of in Interactive Metronome training. See some of our own success stories at Revelation Health below:

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