NW Calgary Chiropractor Patient Testimonial (Timeline) by Diane

Diane’s Patient Testimonial Review for Revelation Health Centre, NW Calgary Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic

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Diane, one of our latest new patients at Revelation Health Centre, offered to share her experience concerning our clinic for everyone else to hear. Here is her patient testimonial complete with a timeline of her ongoing complications with trigeminal pain (TN):


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“Past History of Trigeminal Pain


April 2011

Start of facial/trigeminal (TN) pain, left and right side, both upper and lower jaw

January 2013

Started NUCCA (upper cervical chiropractic). After six treatments, my pain was gone.

April 2014

Another bout of TN – upper left jaw

September 2014

Put on tegretol – TN pain went away, but had extreme rib cage pain

June 2015

TN pain – left side and lower jaw.  I started tegretol again.  I developed an allergic reaction within 3 days.

September 2015

Stared NUCCA again. Helped some at first but by December I was in a lot of pain.  I couldn’t eat, talk, drink, brush my teeth without triggering electric shocks.

I’ve seen my General Practitioner, Dentist, Neurologist and Neuro Surgeon. Results were a series of drugs that had umpteen side effects, totally ZONKED me and gave me no relief from pain.

June 2016

I had 8 NUCCA treatments.  Helped a bit but then made me worse – left jaw swollen and in constant pain with electric shocks on the right.

July 4, 2016

After a couple of phone calls, I decided to give Dr. John Battershill a try.  The first meeting was about ¾ hour long.  I filled out numerous questionnaires and Dr. John did numerous tests to determine neurological function.  His diagnosis was that I had “lots” of mental and physical problems stemming from my brain; that I was a “complicated case, but he believed he could help.”


ResultsChiropractor Acupuncture Kensington Calgary Alberta

Thus far, I’ve had 12 treatments and have done a home exercise program prescribed by Dr. John.

With just 4 treatments the pain subsided considerably.  Today I have NO PAIN!

Other Noted Changes:

  • Very few headaches
  • Less dry eyes (my eyes are clearer)
  • No more left nasal sore (It’s been there 15 years)
  • No grinding of teeth.
  • My head is in a much better position
  • Ear lobes almost match (Right lobe was half inch higher)
  • Eye lashes are appearing
  • Much more neck and shoulder mobility
  • I can actually pick up debris from the floor
  • I don’t clench my fists when idle or sleeping.
  • I’m not dropping things constantly. Putting caps on tubes and putting on jewellery has become easier.
  • My hands are not swollen. I can almost close my arthritic finger.
  • I can sit without constantly shifting my hip
  • No sciatic pain which I have had since July 2011
  • My BALANCE has improved immensely. I used to bump into walls, could not do heel/toe walking, needed stakes in my garden for support.
  • My diarrhea, which I had since 2008 is much improved. At its worse, I urgently had to go up to 12 times/day.  Today, 2-3 times with no urgency and no explosion.
  • Almost off all medications


Going Forward

My whole physical and mental function is constantly evolving for the “better” me.  I hope to make the positive changes permanent.  It is my goal to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER experience nerve pain again.

If I have to have maintenance care to achieve that, I can live with that.  I wasn’t living before, just existing. ”

– Diane


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