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Heather Shares Her Experience at Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic in Kensington, Calgary

Are you trying to find the right chiropractor in northwest Calgary for the job? If so, look no further than Revelation Health Centre, a brand new (but already well-established) chiropractic and wellness clinic found in the heart of the Kensington Business Revitalization Zone. Why Use Us, Anyways?

Heather, one of Revelation Health Centre’s latest patients, has offered to share her and her mom’s experience with you. See her patient testimonial for Calgary Chiropractor Dr. John Battershill below:


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” Improving Health at 86 Years Old…

Watching our mom’s independence and engagement in life diminish has been so sad.  The once vibrant, energetic little woman has become a shadow of herself, with an often blank and fearful look in her eyes.

As a family, we pursued supports and medication to slow down the degeneration she was experiencing but we had little hope or visible change.

A visit to Dr. John’s health center was subtly different, as was the assessment of her health.  Treatment suggestions were modelled and trialed right at the center.

An increase in her alertness and improved balance were noticed immediately.  She is 86 years old, with significant short term memory loss, delayed expressive language and a dependence on physical supports for stability.

One visit provided us with an exercise routine and three supplements that are improving the quality of interactions with others and her physical abilities.

We are delighted in the improved abilities Mom is using and we will continue to facilitate the simple exercises and use the recommended supplements.

We wish we had explored what Dr. John’s chiropractic care had to offer years earlier!  We wonder, “why didn’t we consider a pro-active approach to her health years ago?”,  then we commit to taking better care of ourselves.

Don’t wait for signs of losing healthy function, explore Revelation Health Centre’s brain treatments for yourself! ”

– Heather


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