Chiropractic Patient Special Offer in Calgary!

Revelation Health Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic in Calgary is currently offering a 100% free, no obligation consultation for new patients with one of our Chiropractors!

At Revelation Health, we want to ensure our clinic and expertise are the right fit for you before you commit to treatment. It is extremely important to us that you accomplish your health goals, and that your money is well spent! See what New Patients receive with a full assessment here.

Get Your Chiro Consultation Today!

step-by-step chiropractic patient special offer in calgaryRevelation Health Centre chiropractic care patient tesitmonials

#1 – Upon entering our clinic, you will be greeted and received by the front-desk admin or one of our Chiropractors

#2 – You will be asked to fill out a new patient form, which gives our practitioners more detail on what treatments you need and are looking for

#3No office tours! We will ask that you wait until one of our Chiropractors are ready to see you in our comfortable waiting area

#4 – Once ready, you’ll be asked to enter a treatment room where one of our Chiropractors will begin a complimentary new patient consultation

#5 – After evaluation, if the Chiropractor believes they can help you accomplish your heath goals, they will lay out a treatment plan and the associated costs for you

Complimentary consultations typically last up to 10 minutes

At the end, YOU DECIDE if you want to move ahead with treatment!

calgary chiropractors laser therapy brain injuries sports injuries chiropractic careIf you’re interested in Revelation Health’s Chiropractic special offer, call us anytime at 403-284-2082 to book yours! See RHC’s Contact, Location and Office Hour information here.

We are looking forward to helping you accomplish your personal health goals!

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