5 Things You Didn’t Know about Neck Pain

5 Things You Should Know About Neck Pain

Everyone gets a stiff or sore neck once in a while. If you’re a professional athlete, chances are you’ll have neck pain more often than your friend who sits in an office all day, right? That’s not always the case!

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Sitting at a desk all day might be just as big a cause of neck pain as an athlete’s physical activities. Regardless of how you end up with neck pain, there are some things you should know about it that you may not have before. Also see:

#1 – Neck pain is often associated with spinal problems

If you happen to have spinal complications such as a herniated disc, for example, your spinal cord tends to lose elasticity and flexibility.

Our spinal discs act like shock absorbers; over time they can start to degenerate which causes a narrowing of the space between vertebrae and a potential for pinched nerves.

Furthermore, the soft tissues around the discs involved can become brittle and tear, which can cause a wide range of symptoms including stiffness, inflammation and pain in the neck and back.

Taking care of your spinal cord with continued Chiropractic Care is one way to prevent yourself from suffering a herniated disc throughout your lifetime. This will also reduce your chances of experiencing the sometimes-excruciating neck pain associated with such a condition. Also see:

#2 – Neck movement can sometimes trigger neck pain

Your neck has a unique structure that provides stability but also flexibility in order to support your head while allowing it to move it in different directions. Sometimes we must move our neck repetitively or often throughout the day, which can result in strain on its soft tissues and stiffness / pain as a result.

These activities could be as simple as sitting down at your work desk for several hours while leaning over your computer with bad posture. Another common activity that can result in strained neck muscles is playing sports.

While some actions in sports may be relatively mild when it comes to range of motion and stress induced on the neck, doing that action repeatedly can sometimes result in neck pain.

The point is that it doesn’t always take an acute physical trauma to the neck’s soft tissues to cause pain. It could be as simple as waking up in the morning or turning your neck to the left or right while working away.

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#3 – Neck pain is more common than you think

It’s been said that nearly 90% of people in their senior years (65+) are affected by cervical osteoarthritis, also known as neck arthritis. Only a small percentage of the younger population is affected by this condition, but it still happens.

The reason why many older people have this condition is because of its degenerative nature. As mentioned above, when we age the discs between our spinal vertebrae tend to thin out. This compresses the nerve roots and can result in weakness, numbness and / or pain from your shoulders down to your hands.

Thinning of spinal discs is associated with a wide range of disorders including arthritis, meningitis, whiplash and even some types of cancer.

#4 – Getting a good sleep can help reduce neck pain

It may be hard enough to get to sleep when you have neck pain as is. But if you can manage to somehow get a deep and restful sleep between 8 to 10 hours, you have a good chance of alleviating some of the stiffness, spasm and pain in the soft tissues naturally.

Keep in mind that a lack of sleep has been shown to increase stress in the body and can contribute greatly to injuries of all sorts that result in neck pain.

You’ll also want to think about what position you tend to sleep in and what it may be doing to your spinal column during the night. You want to find a pillow and mattress that provide proper support for your spinal cord while sleeping, one that keeps it as straight as possible.

This should help prevent random bouts of neck pain in the morning and help with fighting neck pain you may have sustained during the day and go to bed with.

#5 – Neck problems and dizziness can go hand-in-hand

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Dizziness can be caused by several things, but sometimes neck complications is the cause. Also known as “cervicogenic disease,” people who are 60 or older often experience dizziness caused by neurological disorders that are associated with mechanical complications in the neck.

Sometimes a quick turn or poor movement of the neck can result in dizziness or fainting. For acute cases, people with this disorder may also experience nausea, vomiting and problems with their vision.

Neck pain and cervicogenic dizziness goes hand-in-hand with one another. People with the condition often experience pain that increases or decreases depending on the level of dizziness. An increase in dizziness results in an increase in pain.

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