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Your neck is the most delicate and sensitive part of your spine and is invaluable when it comes to your health.

Its role as a support for your heavy, swiveling head while helping to maintain a forward postural curve isn’t a job that’s done easy, especially when it contains nerves that send and receive impulses to your arms, legs, hands, feet and other parts of your body.

Apart from small discomforts and annoyances, chronic neck pain can be a sign that something with the soft tissues and / or nerves is wrong.

Several different things we do every day can result in neck pain, such as:

  • Working labouriously
  • Sitting at a desk
  • Falling asleep in a chair
  • Sleeping in bed in an awkward position
  • Standing for long periods of time

The temporary pain from these activities can sometimes resolve on its own, especially when they aren’t done on a continual basis. However, when the pain doesn’t go away, there may be a more serious underlying problem that needs treatment to heal.

One option would be to see a chiropractor for neck pain treatment in Calgary.


Subluxationspatient testimonial calgary chiropractor spinal cord

If you have neck pain that isn’t going away, a visit to your chiropractor may just be what you need.

An initial consultation will involve muscle testing to determine the source of pain and identify any other soft tissues under strain. Diagnostic tests such as an x-ray of your upper spinal column may be requested to further help the chiropractor identify any other underlying issues.

One of the most common causes of neck pain is misalignment in the spine due to vertebral subluxations. These subluxations are seen in clinical cases involving whiplash, cervical curve and joint instability.

In response to stress, the body with tighten neck muscles and cause over compensation in the joint to prevent further injury.


Soft Tissues

Most pain-sensing nerves in your neck are found in facet joints on the back side of the vertebrae. They function in a manner that allow you to move your head up, down and side to side.

If the soft tissues around these joints tighten, it may cause them to interlock or become fixated which can result in neck pain.

Chiropractic adjustments can help release soft tissue strains, restore function in the facet joints and eliminate neck pain all together.


back pain spinal decompression bad posture sitting form

Stress & Trauma

Stress is yet another root cause of neck pain. Pulling an all-nighter to get an important task done, driving in rush-hour traffic to an appointment or improper form when lifting weights at the gym can all cause stress which our body then responds to in various ways.

Blunt force traumas such as car accidents and other injuries sustained by exerted forces can be considered as “stress” and cause considerable neck pain. Also, chemical stresses can take its tole on our body and cause a wide range of complications including neck pain.

If our neck is the “weakest link in the chain” so-to-say, then its likely that when our body is under stress pain will show up there.

Unfortunately, chiropractic care cannot deal with the everyday stresses of life, but it can help you better deal with and tolerate it in a holistic and drug-free manner!


Degenerative Conditions

More complicated problems to resolve are degenerative changes that stem from long periods of neglect.

Conditions such as disc thinning, bulged discs, bone spurs and other forms of spinal decay can result and typically respond much slower to chiropractic and other forms of health care but are still treatable.

A complex, on-going chiropractic treatment plan may be necessary that may combine one or several of any chiropractic clinics services.


3 Common Questions Related to Neck Pain

#1 – Why did the chiropractor examine my back before my neck?

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Some patients are surprised when their chiropractor examines other parts of their body besides where the pain is located. That’s because neck pain can be a result of compensations made elsewhere in in the body such as the lower back, feet, knees and hips.

If these stresses are resolved, then your neck pain may also go away.

#2 – Will the chiropractor adjust my neck?

It’s very likely that your chiropractor will recommend adjusting your neck, especially if the neck pain your experiencing is a result of misalignment in the spine. Cervical adjustments can be very effective to restore such misalignment and improve function.

There are several different ways to adjust the neck, so depending on your level of comfort (and pain) your chiropractor will do so accordingly.

#3 – How long will I need to see my chiropractor for?

Some patients see immediate improvement of symptoms then discontinue their treatments. These people often suffer a relapse of pain because their soft tissues haven’t had the recovery time and treatments necessary to fully heal.

Those with degenerative conditions often make periodic chiropractic appointments a more than worthwhile investment. Our clinic will make recommendations, but how long you benefit from receiving chiropractic care is up to you!


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