How to: Mobilize Your Feet w/ a Lacrosse Ball [Video]

How to: Use a Lacrosse Ball to Reduce Pain in the Feet & Lower Limbs

mobilizing the foot using a sports ball exercise video tutorial

If you’re suffering from shin splints, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis or pain in the foot / lower limbs, this mobilization technique for your feet using a lacrosse ball can make a huge difference!

This simple do-it-yourself exercise can be done at home, the office or anywhere with a hard, flat surface in just a few minutes. When done right, it can aid in reducing and / or eliminating pain in your lower limb and foot area.

Many people who do mobilization with a lacrosse ball are surprised at how quickly they can resolve issues they have!

Dr. Keith Belliveau, D.C.

Dr. Keith Belliveau, Chiropractor at Revelation Health in Calgary, is dedicated to helping his patients maintain their overall health both inside and outside of the treatment room.

One of the ways he accomplishes this is by demonstrating various work outs and stretches that can be done at home or the office to assist in increasing mobility, flexibility and reducing pain.

Below, Dr. Keith shows you how to mobilize your feet using a lacrosse ball. These can be bought at sports retail stores around Calgary for just a few bucks (if that!).

Mobilizing Your Feet w/ a Lacrosse Ball Tutorial:

  1. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart
  2. Place your foot on top of the lacrosse ball on the floor and find a sore spot
  3. Put pressure on sore spot(s) as you roll the ball around
  4. On each sore spot, focus on contracting and relaxing your muscles while clenching and unclenching your toes

Repeat on each sore spot for at least two minutes a day


“We’re going to be going through some foot mobilizations with a trusty lacrosse ball.

So simply put the lacrosse ball on the fall, you’re going to be standing, and you’re just going to roll through all the muscles underneath your foot, especially inside that arch and you’re just going to go through all of these muscles.

You can hang out, you can put some pressure down, especially back there where people get some plantar fasciitis.

You can also bring the ball up towards the palm of your foot and apply pressure while lifting the back of your heel upwards like I am doing here to stretch your calf and lower limb area.

Do this for a few minutes a day and your lower limb / foot pain should gradually feel much better than if you were to not do these exercises!


– Dr. Keith Belliveau, Chiropractor

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