Why Your Body’s Misalignment Needs a Chiropractic Adjustment

Feel Misaligned? Get a Chiro Adjustment!misalignment subluxations chiropractic care can help

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a sore neck or back? Maybe in sports you’ve been jolted by an opposing player which left you feeling a bit “off.” It’s possible that with winter here, you’ve slipped on the walkway heading into your front door.

Whichever the reason for your feelings of misalignment, know that Chiropractic adjustments can help you restore alignment and get your body back to feeling how it’s supposed to!

Here’s three reasons why your body needs a Chiro adjustment when you’re just not feeling right, and misalignment is the culprit.

#1 – Misalignment Can Decrease Function

Having misalignment in your musculo-skeletal system, also known as a subluxation, can actually impede nerve function and decrease function in your body.

For example, misalignment resulting in a pinched nerve in your neck is likely to weaken muscles in your shoulder, elbow and / or grip strength. In such a case, re-aligning the neck and alleviating pressure on the nerve is a must, and Chiropractic adjustments can do just that.

Weakened muscles can have an adverse effect on your daily schedule and sometimes make you feel down right awful, especially if it impedes you from working out or participating in your favourite hobby / sport.

#2 – Misalignment Can Hinder Your Schedule

If you’re day is anything like ours at the clinic, you get up in the morning and go to work for a good eight hours at least. For many of us almost every weekday is a busy day and we can’t spare any time to feel awful whatsoever.

Your body’s misalignment, if serious enough to cause serious symptoms like soreness, pain and inflammation, may prevent you from going about your daily schedule. That could mean missing out on a day or two of pay, or not being able to go to an important event because you just aren’t up for it.

Thankfully, you don’t have to miss out. A Chiropractic adjustment can help restore misalignment in the body and get you back on track in no time. Many patients at our clinic notice a difference right away in how they feel after receiving an adjustment!

#3 – Misalignment Can Lead to More Problems

Let’s say you’re already feeling awful after slipping on the pavement the other day. Both winter and the ice are here to stay for a while, but your misalignment the terrible way you are feeling shouldn’t be.

Choosing not to de-ice your sidewalk may result in a bylaw ticket or possibly another slip and fall by you or someone else, all problems which can be avoided with a shovel and some effort, or perhaps a quick trip to the home depot store.

The same goes with misalignment in your body. The longer you leave it, the more chance it has to fester and cause more serious problems. That’s why we encourage anyone who’s feeling misalignment in their body to get a Chiropractic adjustment as soon as they can!

A Word on Misalignment in the Body…john battershill revelation health centre calgary

Dr. Battershill has seen misalignment in all parts of the body over his 30+ years as a Chiropractor in Calgary. Here’s what he has to say about misalignment:


Generalized misalignment, whether it is noticing a high shoulder in the mirror or a rotated hip creating a short leg, is always is indicative of a neurological interference pattern that is functional and has nothing to do with disease.

This misalignment is from nerve compression in the spine which creates a weakness on one side of the body causing the opposite side of the body to tighten. This muscle imbalance, created by nerve compression, then causes joint misalignment(s) which can have far-reaching negative affects in the body. Be assured that muscle imbalance does not happen on its own as there is always a functional neurological component to it.

So, misalignment then causes us to move in an improper way which sooner or later causes pain and symptoms to develop somewhere in the body. Furthermore, nerve compression causes muscle weakness usually on one side of the body which causes the body to adapt by over contracting on the other side.

This muscle weakness creates misalignment and sooner or later as you move improperly and or exert yourself physically you will develop the potential for symptoms.  This can be mild to moderate or potentially even severe with acute spasms occurring.

When I manipulate/ adjust somebody’s spine or extremities, it actually resets the circuit breaker that controls the function and balance of muscles communicating to each other whether it is front to back, top to bottom, and or side to side.

So if you are feeling misaligned, I encourage you to seek out a Chiropractor for an adjustment as soon as you can. It’s in the best interests for your health!

– Dr. John Battershill, Chiropractor

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