5 Things You Should Know About Massage Therapy

5 Things to Know About Massage Therapy

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The demand for massage therapy is increasing as the years go by alongside an increasing awareness of the benefits of eating and living healthy in our environment.

While you may have a good grasp on what massage therapy is, there are several things you probably will find very interesting about this alternative form of healthcare that you may not have known before.

#1 – Massage can help treat a wide range of conditions

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Did you know that massage therapy is used to treat a wide variety of different health conditions? Many people tend to think it’s solely good for stress relief or relaxation, and while that’s true, it’s not entirely accurate.

Treatable conditions with massage therapy include:

This list is not an all-inclusive one either. If you’re wondering if massage therapy can help with your condition, give our clinic a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

#2 – There’s different methods of massage therapy

Just like Chiropractic Care, there are multiple different types of methods used by massage therapists. For example, a few of the techniques that Rebecca Goble, Revelation Health’s Registered Massage Therapist, offers include:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Sports massage
  • Therapeutic massage

Each method of massage therapy is different in its own respect. Therapeutic massage, for example, uses lighter, quicker motions and helps to relieve pain and reduce stress, while deep tissue massage uses slower but more firm strokes to reach deeper into a patient’s muscles and connective tissues.

It’s important you find a massage therapist that specializes in the type of massage therapy you need. Doing a bit of research can help you recover from an injury faster if you seek out treatment using the best method for the job!

#3 – Massage therapy can give you better sleeps

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Clinical studies have shown that massage therapy doesn’t just promote a restful sleep, but it also can work wonders for those who have troubles sleeping at all.

As a matter of fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States have states that insufficient sleep has become a public health epidemic.

A lack of sleep in many instances is related to motor vehicle accidents, workplace disasters, medical errors and a general lack of focus and attention.

If you’re staring at the clock wide-awake when you should be sleeping, maybe you should try massage therapy as a means of getting a better, restful night’s sleep.

#4 – Massage therapy counteracts all the sitting you do

If you’re a student or have an office job, there’s a good chance you do a lot of sitting throughout the day. For desk workers, more intricate forms of postural stress may show up as subluxations in the low back and gluteals.

Fortunately, massage therapy is an effective way to counteract the imbalance of forces caused on certain parts of our body by sitting for extended periods of time. It may just be the thing you need to keep yourself going during those long hours at work.

#5 – Massage therapy is used as on-going treatment

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If one massage makes you feel less stressed and more mobile, imagine what a dozen massages could do!

Similar to Chiropractic Care, the benefits of getting on-going massage therapy accumulate over time and can include improved range of motion, sense of well being and immune system to name a few.

Many people who don’t have much physical tension may book an appointment once a month for stress relief and relaxation while others who are engaged in more physically demanding activities can sometimes book once a week.

It all depends on your health goals and how much stress your body experiences on a daily basis! Is it time for you to book an appointment?

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