Why Joint Mobility & Stability are Important for Your Health

Chiropractic Care Helps Maintain Joint Mobility & Stability

Just how important is joint mobility and stability for your health? From a Chiropractors perspective, very! As a matter of fact, ask healthcare practitioners from a wide range of medicine fields and you will more than likely get the same response.

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What is Joint Mobility?

Joint mobility is the degree to which your joints move before your soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons and muscles begin to restrict movement. This is also often described as the “range of uninhibited motion” that a joint has.

What is Joint Stability?

Joint stability is basically the ability to control and / or maintain the movement and / or position of a joint. This is achieved by coordination between your nervous system and soft tissues.

When you experience injury to your soft tissues, your joints can sometimes feel the consequences because of the limitations that soft tissue strains and pains put on joint mobility and stability. Learn more here:

Your Body is Meant to Move

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It’s no secret that the human body is designed to move. It does so through its 360 different joints, each of which play a unique role when it comes to performing simple or complex movements that we make ever day.

Upon examining the major joints of the human body, you will notice that some are designed for high amounts of mobility / flexibility while others are designed more for stability but are less mobile.

More specifically, your ankles, hips and thoracic spine are meant to be mobile, as are your shoulders. These are the major joints that should be contributing to your movement the most; whether it be squatting, bending over, throwing a football or reaching behind you.

Between these mobile areas are joints that are built for stability such as:

  • knees
  • elbows
  • lumbar spine
  • cervical spine

When your joints which are supposed to be more mobile become stiff, those that are meant to be more stable must compensate by becoming more mobile than what they are designed for. This can result in dysfunctional movement mechanics that predispose your joints to injury and pain.

Injuries resulting from reduced function in the soft tissues is more common for people who play sports or have physically demanding work as the body becomes more prone to injury. Also see:

Treating Joint Stiffness & Pain

Pain in the knees, low back, and neck is rampant nowadays. But when we look closer, so is stiffness in the ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders to name a few joints.

Many patients at Revelation Health Centre often have movement restrictions in their ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders accompanying their neck, low back and / or knee pain.

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Treating these areas of joint stiffness is imperative in improving movement quality and making a lasting recovery. Part of that process involves performing a thorough Chiropractic assessment to evaluate the body for misalignment while treating any subluxations that are found. Also see:


In Chiropractic Care, decreased function in your musculo-skeletal system due to joint instability and / or joint stiffness can often result in misalignment – also known as subluxations in the Chiropractor’s dictionary.

Fortunately, these micro-systems of over-compensation between soft tissues are more than manageable with Chiropractic adjustments and proper nutrition / supplementation. Learn more here:

A Holistic Approach

Approaching the body from a Chiropractic perspective means looking at the function of the body as a whole. It does not mean simply narrowing the focus onto the areas causing symptoms and treating the pain.

This type of holistic approach gives Chiropractors the unique ability to connect silent dysfunction in one area to painful syndromes in another area and treat both accordingly. We call this getting to the ‘root cause’.

What type of mobility restrictions and silent dysfunctions could be causing your pain? Schedule an Initial Chiropractic Assessment with us at Revelation Health Centre and find out!

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