Jennifer’s Recovery from Back Impingement in Calgary

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At Revelation Health we see many patients seeking treatment for a diverse range of injuries / conditions. In Jennifer’s case, she has experienced severe pinching pain in her back as a result of impingement due to sports and until recently had not found effective treatment for her symptoms.

A few months ago she was referred to our clinic and found that Dr. John Battershill’s treatments helped her recover from impingement in her back, which on some days she described was so severe that it would affect her daily routine.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say about her experience with chiropractic care treatments for impingement at Revelation Health Centre.

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Jennifer – 5 Stars – Recovery from Back Impingement


I went to see Dr. Battershill from a impingement on my back. I had very tight back muscles and it was just getting worst and hard to sit properly.

I decided to see him and after several treatments I started to feel some great relief on my back.

It took a long way to get where I am but I know he has fixed me with proper on going home exercise and certain food and supplements he recommends to destress my body.

Apparently stress does cause the body a lot of strain. Now I see Dr. Battershill once a month for tune ups!

Highly recommend Revelation Health!

– Jennifer

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