Is Sugar a Villain? Yes, But It Doesn’t Have to Be…

Is Sugar a Villain? My Journey and Experience with Sugar

Most of us have seen the information in magazines or on the internet about how sugar is bad for us. You’ve also probably heard a doctor (or two) tell you to reduce your sugar intake at some point in your life.

But is sugar really the big bad villain it’s been made out to be? Here’s a short story on my personal journey and experience with sugar.

Where is Sugar?

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First off, it’s important to understand all the places sugar is found.

It’s in apples and oranges, donuts and croissants, your morning orange juice, cereal and latte. It’s in ketchup and BBQ sauce and relish and honey, your salad dressing and even mayonnaise. It’s literally everywhere, and it’s hard to get away from!

But so what? I enjoy my morning coffee much more with sugar than without and occasionally want a cookie, donut or other sweet treat.

Can I have these occasionally or should I cut out all forms of sugar?

First Two Weeks

I have been playing with sugar for a number of years now and have tried my best to cut nearly all processed sugars out of my diet. That makes me no different from many people I know; an adult with a sweet tooth and a self-proclaimed “fruitaholic”.

I’ve had a very hard time giving up fruit because I crave it at least once a day and I know that cutting back on the amount of fruit I eat is important because too much simple sugar is still bad for my health.

So here I am attempting to eliminate excess amounts of sugar from my diet over a long period of time and see what effect it has on my body.

The first and second weeks were the hardest because all I wanted to eat was something to fulfill my sweet tooth – like a piece of delicious, sugary fruit! But after I got past the first two weeks my body seemed to start self-regulating and saying no to sugary orange juice in the morning, an iced frappuccino at lunch or a fruit drink at the movie theatre – or no to sugar in general – became a whole lot easier.

A Month Later

Today it’s been nearly a month since I’ve eliminated sugar. I have more energy. My digestion is better. My brain feels clearer. I feel exactly the way I did the last time I did this sugar-eliminating routine.

Knowing myself, my decision to steer clear will continue for another month or two, then I’ll start thinking that I got this covered – that I can handle sugar again. It will be a special occasion like a birthday or work event where I’ll decide to indulge once again. This indulgence could be a dessert, or perhaps a sweet cocktail beverage, and I’ll tell myself that it will all be okay.

It will all be okay, right? Wrong!

Sugar has this way of pulling you right back in.  When we consume sugar, especially in quantities and types we were not designed to consume (processed or refined sugars), our body basically betrays us. But how?

Candida Bacteriumchiropractic care helps digestion northwest calgary alberta

All of us have a bacterium called candida in our guts, of which we need in the right amount to maintain homeostasis. This bacterium is tough and hungry.

When we choose to feed candida with sugar or get rid of the healthier bacteria that lives alongside candida with something like alcohol or antibiotics, for example, candida grows and flourishes. Candida gets a foot hold and starts taking control by sending signals through the body telling us to eat more sugar.

That’s exactly what happened to me last time I chose to eat a dessert after staying away from sugar for months. It led to a complete relapse. I remember craving a big glass of fruit juice the morning after, and an entire bar of dark chocolate in the afternoon of the same day. Add cravings like this to the fact that some days are just down right stressful and it makes it hard to say no to sugar.

Does this mean I (and possibly you too) need to cut sugar out all together?  No, it doesn’t, because knowledge is power!

When we are fully aware of how our body reacts, what chemical signals are being sent and have some sheer plain old willpower, we can get ahead. When it comes to sugar and candida bacterium we can retain control.

We all are human and will make mistakes, but we need to give ourselves permission to indulge on occasion – without giving into cravings that may result from such action.

A Closing RemarkChiropractor Acupuncture Kensington Calgary Alberta

The old saying “everything in moderation” really does fit when it comes to sugar. I hope you’ll ask yourself: how much sugar do I eat in a day? Perhaps this will lead you to explore more about sugar, start reading the labels of any processed foods you are eating or open yourself up to the possibility of cutting out processed sugar entirely and cutting down on natural sugars as well.

  • Will you feel better?
  • Will you have more energy?
  • What other benefits might you notice?

The original question asked if sugar is a villain? Considering that it can cause cravings and adverse health problems throughout the body if consumed excessively – yes, it is. But it sure doesn’t have to be.

If sugar just so happens to be your kryptonite, contact us anytime. We may be able to aid your journey! Also see these 3 Reasons to Book Your Appointment at RHC.

– Staff at Revelation Health Centre

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