Q&A: Interview with Jose Navarro, RMT in NW Calgary

Q&A with Jose Navarro, RMT, NW CalgaryExperienced Massage Therapist NW Calgary Alberta - Jose Navarro

Jose Navarro is an experienced Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in Calgary who has just joined Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic full-time!

With over eight years of experience, Jose has a lot to offer patients and we’d like to take the opportunity for you to get to know him better.

So, we’ve sat down with Jose and have asked him a series of questions related to his massage services, now being offered at our clinic in Kensington, NW Calgary!

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Q1 – How and why did you get into massage therapy?


Everything started by accident. I picked up my sister at the spa she was working at and they had a therapist who didn’t show up for work that day. The owner asked me if I would be interested in learning how to do massage as this person would no show for work all the time. I said yes, and my career took off from there. Since then I’ve been really focused on health services in general and am passionate about massage therapy.

Q2 – What kind of massage do you specialize in?


Mostly therapeutic. I also do orthopaedic assessments and orthopaedic massage, and specialize in treating sports injuries and motor vehicle accident (MVA) patients with the utmost delicacy and care. I’ve had great success with past clients with these types of injuries, although I’ve been able to help patients with a broad range of other conditions and injuries as well.

Q3 – What’s your goal with your patients?


I want my patients to get better faster by doing treatments and home care as well. The faster they get back on their feet, the happier I am. I recommend certain stretches and exercises for home to those patients who need it, with the hopes that they improve their health and recover quicker from pain and other symptoms they may have.

Q4 – What types of injuries and conditions have you helped patients recover from?


Sprains and strains, postural problems, blunt-force traumas, stiffness and soreness, inflammation, joint pain, and the list goes on. Massage is an all-inclusive form of alternative healthcare that can really help people recover from a wide range of conditions and injuries. The list really is too big to name!

Q5 – What kind of patients do you like to treat?


All patients. Whatever the reason is for them coming to get a massage from me, I can work with them and help them. I am looking forward to helping anyone with their health goals!

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