How Does the Theralase® Cold Laser Therapy System Work? [Video]

Theralase® Cold Laser Therapy: How it Works

Many patients receiving Chiropractic Care notice our Theralase® TLC-2000 Cold Laser Therapy system sitting in the second treatment room and ask about how it works. What better way to explain than to see this video produced by Theralase® itself. Check it out:

Jump Start the Healing Process

The safety and effectiveness of the TLC-2000 Cold Laser Therapy system lies within its capability to activate your body’s cells on a molecular level to heal themselves.

The laser light emitted from each head penetrates deep into your body (up to 5 inches), stimulating mitochondria to produce additional adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This increases the cells ability to repair and regenerate.

Because the Theralase® TLC-2000 Cold Laser Therapy system operates within a wavelength of light that is non-thermal (also known as the “therapeutic window”), it poses no health risk and will not damage your soft tissues.

Basically, this state-of-the-art healthcare technology jump starts the healing process much like you would boost a car with a dead battery – but on a molecular level instead!

Cellular Activation: 3 Parts

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Reduces Inflammation

The Theralase®  905nm superpulsed laser technology helps boost nitric oxide (NO) production within your body by more than 700 percent, resulting in a reduction of inflammation and increased vasodilation in comparison to other cold laser systems (Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 2009)

  • Inflammatory reaction from injury helps to prevent further damage to your soft tissues
  • Inflammatory response typically associated with pain
  • To decrease inflammation, the body produces nitric oxide – has been shown to relax your lymphatic system
  • Helps promote reabsorption of interstitial fluid and improves vasodilation
  • Increased sizing of your capillaries (vasodilation) helps to bring more oxygen and nutrients to injured soft tissues, aiding in the healing process

Eliminates Pain

Theralase® laser technology helps reduce pain at its source by correcting imbalances in the sodium potassium pathway (Harvard Medical School, 2010)

  • Pain occurs when stressors create action potentials to rapidly move along your nerve cells
  • Mainly a result of the expulsion of potassium (K+) and sodium (Na+) ions into the nerve cell, which changes the electric potential across its membrane
  • Peak absorption of lipids occurs between 905nm and 910 wavelengths. Therefore, light emitted by the cold laser is absorbed by receptors within the bi-lipid cellular membrane within the nerve.
  • Absorbed light increases membrane porosity, increasing reabsorption of sodium ions and expulsion of potassium ions
  • Sodium + potassium pump is rebalanced, pain signal at source is reduced and / or removed

Accelerates Healing

Theralase® stimulates ATP production in the mitochondria of the cell, resulting in more adenosine triphosphate being produced (also known as “cell energy”) and accelerating tissue repair and regeneration (Proceedings of the International School for Optics and Photonics, 2015)

  • Cells need energy to begin the healing process
  • Light energy is delivered to cells via laser and is then converted into food energy, used to repair and regenerate
  • Photons with 630nm to 670nm wavelengths have been shown to improve the speed at which mitochondria can absorb glucose and convert it to ATP
  • The TLC-2000 Cold Laser Therapy system used 660nm visible red laser light to accomplish this

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