How Long Should You See Your Chiropractor For?

How Long Should You See Your Chiropractor For?

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It’s an age-old question that many people ask. So, just how long should you be seeing your chiropractor for?

It depends, based on a variety of factors as seen below: problem, age, discipline, attitude and goal.

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Your problem

First and foremost, the type of health problem you are having will affect how many treatments and the amount of time you’ll need to see your chiropractor for.

It takes much more time to fix long-term issues that have been neglected compared to more recent injuries that have been treated immediately.

It’s easy to become impatient if you are used to taking a pill that relieves symptoms such as pain in an instant. Truth is that true healing isn’t always quick and your body will heal at its own pace.

If you’re recovery to health doesn’t happen as quickly as anticipated, Revelation Health Centre’s chiropractors will change their approach or refer you to another healthcare provider if necessary.

Our primary concern is you and your health!

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Your age

Unfortunately, as we get older our healing capabilities diminish.

There are some exceptions to this rule, but in general children and young adults heal much faster from their health problems when getting treated by a chiropractor or other health care professional compared to older adults.

Just because you’re of older age, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t recover quickly.

People who lead active and healthy lifestyles throughout their lives are more likely to heal faster.

Your discipline

  • How determined are you to get rid of some of your old habits?
  • Are you coachable and willing to learn from a chiropractor on how to improve your health through changes to your lifestyle?

If you go to your chiropractor and are disciplined in following a treatment plan, you’ll see better results – faster.

Your treatment schedule is based on results that millions of people across the world have benefited from. If you don’t see your chiropractor enough, negative patterns in your body’s alignment can manifest and become worse over time.

On the other hand, if appointments are made too close together, your body may not have had enough time to process the care you received during your last visit.

Balance is essential in a well-structured treatment schedule!

Your attitudecalgary chiropractor revelation health centre kensington northwest

It’s been proven in several studies that people with a positive outlook heal faster than those who have a negative one.

When your nervous system begins to function at higher levels after chiropractor treatments, you’ll feel better and realize that anything is possible!

Part of being positive is following the suggestions made to you by our chiropractors.

Chiropractic care, unlike medical treatment, is a partnership between doctor and patient. Without your participation, results may be short-lived and take longer to see.

We encourage you to ask as many questions and participate with your chiropractor as much as possible because those who do this seem to get healthier faster.

Your goal

Revelation Health Centre’s goal is to implement a treatment plan that will help you reach your health goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Are you looking to get rid of your symptoms?
  • Do you want to heal the underlying health ailment causing symptoms?
  • Maybe you want to get rid of both?

Unfortunately, we can’t just get rid of our health problems with the flick of a switch. As human beings, we do have limitations when it comes to healing ability.

Prospects of quick and effective healing diminish when we smoke, are overweight, use alcohol frequently or live stressful lives.

These are just a few physical, chemical and emotional stresses we experience that can cause subluxations and other health problems.


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You’re the Doctor

Many people are surprised to learn that doctors and drugs don’t heal. They cannot heal a broken bone, form scar tissue or stop a cut from bleeding. At the end of the day it’s your job to make the decision to get better, but our chiropractors will help!

Chiropractors are focused on reducing any interferences found in the nervous system to increase the body’s ability to heal.

As specialists in treating the nervous system, you’re in good hands when seeing a chiropractor!



It’s important to remember that many symptoms subside before the root cause, such as a subluxation that’s putting adverse stress on soft tissues in your neck, for example, is healed. It may be tempting to end your care once that neck pain has subsided. But be careful! This weakened area in your neck predisposes you to a relapse.

Just as how regular flossing and brushing promote the health of your teeth, regular check-ups with your chiropractor will keep you aligned and your nervous system working at maximum capacity. Sure, you’ll be pain free and feeling great, but these check-ups will catch subluxations before they happen and help support you on your road towards a healthier you!

Chiropractic care can help you stay well and get even more healthier once you are symptom-free!


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