How Do You Know if You Have a Concussion?

You May Have Suffered a Concussion and Not Realize It!northwest calgary chiropractor treating concussions

Just recently, you may have been hit on the head, suffered a jolt to the body or experienced some other type of mild to moderate physical stress – but you didn’t lose consciousness and don’t have a headache.

Does this mean you are concussion free? Not always!

Concussions can and do go unnoticed and in some instances will have an effect on the neurology of your brain. Also see Calgary Concussion Treatments: Chiropractic Functional Neurology.

A concussion is defined as a change of brain function resulting from mechanical forces on the brain; a direct blow or a jolt to the head, face, jaw, chest, or elsewhere in the body that causes the brain to move within the skull.

The transmission of this impulsive force to the brain matter causes sheering forces, mostly through the white matter. This type of matter has the consistency of a pudding, and a sudden jolt or force can cause:

  1. internal bleeding from the rupturing of blood vessels
  2. diffuse axonal injury which affects individual nerve fibers from shearing force
  3. biochemical changes in the brain

A concussion creates an integrated set of clinical symptoms. Resolution of the clinical and cognitive symptoms typically follows a sequence of recovery and takes time for healing.

Brain trauma such as a concussion comes to the surface in layers. It is important to note that in some cases, symptoms may also be prolonged.

Symptoms of a Concussion:questions health northwest calgary chiropractor

Loss of Balance                                     Ringing in the ears

Loss of Coordination                          Visual distortions (seeing stars)

Loss of Skills                                           Deafness

Disorientation                                       Sensitivity to Light or Noise

Vision Difficulties                                 Emotional

Memory Loss                                         Feeling of being in a FOG

Headaches                                             Numbness or tingling on the head, face or arm

Depression                                             Behavioral changes like Irritability/Moodiness

Nausea                                                     Insomnia

Altered sense of taste or smell       Dizziness

Impaired Coordination                      Lethargy

Concussion Baseline TestKing Devick Baseline Testing NW Calgary Kensington

Many people do not know if they have suffered a concussion. If you’ve recently experienced a sudden jolt or blow to the head or body and are experiencing symptoms such as those listed above, it’s in your best interests to determine if you have or not.

Testing for concussions is simple and straight-forward thanks to the King Devick Baseline Test. We recommend you do this test at our clinic because if you did sustain a “jolt to the head” or  “get rattled while playing”, the repetition the King Devick is an excellent indicator as to if whether or not you have sustained a concussion.

This test is great because the rapid eye movement timed test provides each individual with their own baseline for comparison plus rapid eye movement slows after a concussion is sustained.

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