How to Prevent Upper Body Injuries in Hockey [Infographic]

Preventative Play: Avoid Hockey Injury w/ These Simple Tips

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Hockey in general is a physically demanding sport, especially at higher levels of competitive play where full-contact is allowed.

In Calgary (for males), hitting begins in higher tier Midget divisions and is when players should start to consider how to prevent themselves from sustaining injury.

Before we take a look at prevention of upper body injuries as outlind by Pro Stock Hockey’s infographic (below), lets see what Hockey Calgary has to say about physical contact.

Hitting Quick Facts

  • Body checking is the largest risk factor in sustaining injury for minor hockey players
  • Approximately 45 to 86 percent of all hockey injuries are a result of body checking
  • There are 245 percent more injuries in leagues with hitting than those without in Canada
  • Concussive and fracture injuries increase dramatically when hitting is allowed in lower levels of hockey
  • Body checking is a major source of serious injury in hockey
  • Young brains are more susceptible to concussive injury and don’t heal as well as older brains
  • Sustaining a concussion increases a hockey players’ chance of sustaining one in the future considerably

*Sourced from Hockey Calgary

Follow These Simple Tips & Prevent Hockey Injury:

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