Have Tennis Elbow or Golfer Elbow? Chiropractic Care Can Help!

Don’t Let Tennis Elbow or Golfer Elbow Take the Fun Out of Your Summer Playtime

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If you’re a golfer or tennis player in Calgary, summertime brings about the opportunity to play without having to go indoors to hit a ball. Unfortunately, the repetitive muscle movements made in playing such sports can sometimes result in injury such as tennis elbow and golfer elbow.

Believe it or not, it’s not always tennis and golf players who experience such problems. These injuries can occur in people who don’t play these sports over a long period of time just through normal everyday activities!

Thankfully, chiropractic care is a proven and effective form of treatment for tennis elbow and golfer elbow, but first, let’s look at what the difference is between the two.

Difference Between Tennis Elbow & Golfer Elbow

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While the general area of your body affected by these conditions is the same (the tendons connecting your forearm muscles to your elbow bone), tennis elbow affects the outer tendons while golfer elbow affects the inner tendons.

Both injuries are common in players who enjoy these sports because of the repetitive strain on the tendons that ensues. Learn more about How Chiropractic Care Prevents Sports Injuries.

How do you know if you have tennis elbow or golfer elbow? Here are some common symptoms of each:

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

  • Weakness in your grip and / or forearm
  • Tenderness in the outer elbow area
  • Pain in the outside elbow area that radiates down your forearm
  • Pain when grabbing or twisting objects, or when playing tennis
  • Pain on backhand strokes while playing tennis

Symptoms of Golfer Elbow

  • Weakness in your grip, hand and / or wrist
  • Tenderness on the inner elbow area
  • Pain in the inside elbow area that radiates down your arm
  • Pain when stretching your wrist
  • Numbness and / or tingling in your ring or little fingers

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Luckily, most patients who have tennis elbow or golf elbow respond well to non-surgical treatment methods. Since these conditions are a form of tendonitis, it’s important to reduce the amount of strain your affected areas are experiencing on a daily basis – which may mean taking a break from the sports you love to play.

The most basic treatment methods include:

  • Resting the arm(s)
  • Using wrist splints
  • Using supportive athletic wraps
  • Examining improper technique and correcting it

Chiropractic Care

Unfortunately, the simple methods listed above won’t guarantee that your condition gets better. Chiropractic care, however, can help treat the root cause of your tennis elbow / golfer elbow and eliminate symptoms of pain and tenderness.

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Our chiropractors are experienced in treating sports injuries and can help to re-align parts of your body through various adjustments. For example, when your shoulder is misaligned it may internally rotate mid-swing on the golf course and cause the elbow bones to compensate resulting in further misalignment.

Cold laser therapy is another very effective treatment method that can help eliminate inflammation and pain caused by tendonitis

This is just one of several examples that could be the root cause of your tennis elbow / golfer elbow. Because there are such a wide range of causes, you will be thoroughly examined by one of our chiropractors to determine what the root of your symptoms are and help you back onto the road towards a healthier elbow!

Dr. John and Dr. Keith are athletes as well as avid sports enthusiasts who know just how important it is to be in the best shape possible when out on the courts or midway through an 18-hole round.

A healthy you is a key part of getting the most out of your sports activities!


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