Groin Tear Treatment Calgary Chiropractor Review by Somna

Suffering Groin Tear / Strain / Pain in Calgary?

Have you suffered a groin tear / pull injury and are looking for relief from pain? If so, you’ll want to see what Somna said about his treatment experience at Revelation Health Centre for a groin tear he received while playing outdoor hockey.

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Outdoor Hockey Accident


“A little while back I had torn my groin playing outdoor rink hockey with friends. It was the first time I’ve suffered a sports injury in many years and was reminded of just how painful a groin tear can be.

One of my friends had seen Dr. John Battershill for a similar type of injury and said that I had nothing to worry about. I called in the next day and had an appointment a few hours later.

My initial consultation with Dr. John was reassuring. He did a bunch of different tests and told me exactly what we were going to do to heal my groin. I had never heard of soft tissue therapy or cold laser therapy before. After a little while of discussing my treatment plan and a chiropractic assessment / adjustment, he started doing what he called active release technique on my groin area. It was pretty painful at first, but Dr. John mentioned that I would need to toughen it out if I wanted to heal the underlying groin tear so I sucked it up as best as I could. Thankfully, each soft tissue therapy session afterwards with him was much less painful.

After just one soft tissue therapy session I noticed a decrease in pain resulting from my groin tear injury. I was pretty excited about this.

The next time I came back to Revelation Health Centre I also booked in for a cold laser therapy session as per suggested by Dr. John. After a chiropractic adjustment and soft tissue therapy session, I was brought into another treatment room and hooked up to the laser.

Dr. John put two laser heads directly near my groin and two slightly off to the side. The lasers were then turned on for about 45 seconds and after they went off were slightly repositioned to hit another area of my groin injury. They were then turned on again. This cycle happened four or five times.

Once again, after my second treatment with Dr. John I noticed a slight reduction in pain stemming from my groin tear injury. I was ecstatic. Waking up the next day I also noticed that my groin wasn’t as sore as it had been the morning before, or the morning before that one.

It took about three weeks to heal my groin tear. I believe it would have taken much, much longer if I didn’t seek out proper groin tear treatment at Revelation Health Centre.

The next time I see or hear about any of my friends suffering a sports injury I’ll be referring them to Dr. John. Thank you!!”

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– Somna C.


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