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Are you suffering from golfer’s elbow in Calgary? This condition, which also goes by the name of medial epicondylitis, is a repetitive-type muscle strain injury that affects many people – not just golfers!

Overusing the tendons that allow your wrist muscles to contract or tense causes stress on where they insert into the elbow joint.

These muscles help you to tighten, grip and rotate your wrist, three motions that golfer’s do often when playing the game and is why this condition is so painful for those who play!

Fortunately, Chiropractic Care can help treat golfer’s elbow effectively and help you recover within a few short weeks instead of months!

Not Just Golfers

As a matter of fact, there are a ton of other sports that people engage in where overuse of the muscles in the arms cause repetitive-type muscle strain injury. Hockey, football, lacrosse, badminton, squash and tennis are just a few others.

Believe it or not, even office workers can suffer from golfer’s elbow because of overuse of their forearms while sitting down at a desk. Construction workers and others who have laborious jobs are also prone to the condition.

Treatment of Golfer’s Elbow

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Our Chiropractors first will perform an in-depth initial consultation to determine the best course of action for treatment of your golfer’s elbow.

Treatment Methods include:

Chiropractic Adjustments – musculoskeletal assessment for bone alignment and soft tissue function in the elbow, wrist and other parts of the body.

Soft Tissue Release Therapy – relief from pain and discomfort by using deep finger pressure to restore optimal function in the tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles.

Cold Laser Therapy – reduction of soreness, inflammation and pain and increased cell regeneration rate via the TLC-2000 Theralase Cold Laser system.

A Word on Golfer’s Elbow

John Battershill Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic


A common diagnosis in my office is golfer’s elbow. During treatments, I find a variety of other concerns related to this condition in patients, which makes golfer’s elbow a secondary problem. If you do not fix the primary underlying cause of golfer’s elbow, symptoms such as pain and discomfort are likely to come back.

One of those “secondary problems” is wrist pain. A lot of patients come in with wrist pain because they’ve ignored their elbow pain for quite a while. The cause of their elbow and wrist pain is usually the two bones in the forearm are sprained and have become unstable. This causes a muscular over-contraction and compensation to try to stabilize the wrist and the elbow.

It’s much more than a repetitive strain injury because the shoulder is also internally rotating, misaligning the elbow and forearm. This action by the shoulder often contributes to the elbow and wrist pain that patients have.

Underlying ligament weakness from people who live with too much adrenaline, eat unhealthy foods like red bull or coffee, or miss meals during the day can also contribute to the development of loose ligaments that predispose them to tendinitis injuries.

Through my experience as a Chiropractor, I have also learned that if there is a pinch in the spine at the nerve roots that control the muscles of the forearm, that also has to be decompressed to make the treatment for golfer’s elbow and associated wrist / elbow pain complete.

So please book an appointment for your comprehensive tennis elbow, sprained wrist and or shoulder injury assessment!


– Dr. John Battershill, Chiropractor


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