How to: Foam Roll Your Legs Using a Roller [Video]

How to: Foam Roll Your Legs Using a Roller [Video]

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Foam rolling, also known as “self-myofascial release,” is a common exercise used not only by athletes, coaches and therapists, but by many who frequent the gym and engage in fitness activities regularly.

This self-massage technique helps to release muscle tightness and / or trigger points, helping soft tissues repair and return to normal function. It can be performed with a lacrosse ball, foam roller or even your own hands.

It can be done anywhere there’s a flat surface; at the office, in your bedroom or even at the park are all locations people are seen foam rolling everything from their legs and knees to shoulders and back.

If you aren’t sure as to how to perform this exercise, here’s a how-to video by Dr. Keith Belliveau.

Dr. Keith Belliveau. D.C.

Dr. Keith Belliveau, Chiropractor at Revelation Health Centre in Calgary, is passionate about helping his patients maintain their health at all times both in and outside of the office.

One of the ways he helps patients outside of the treatment room is through Revelation Health’s YouTube video blog (vlog). He demonstrates several exercises that help stretch and keep several parts of the body mobile with a focus on the back and neck as a Chiropractor.

Below, Dr. Keith shows you how to foam roll your legs using a foam roller. These can be bought for $20.00 or less at various stores across the city. Walmart, Sport Chek and your local fitness studio are some places you can find them!

Foam Roll Your Leg with a Foam Roller Tutorial:

  1. Choose the part of your legs you want to foam roll
  2. Get into position and apply pressure to that point on the roller while moving back and forth
  3. Focus on tight knots and sore spots for the best results

Repeat on each part of your leg(s) as needed


“Alright guys this is going to be a foam roller routine for the legs. The legs, whether you’re an athlete or you spend a lot of your dags on your legs, they store a lot of tension, these muscles take a beating and a foam roller is a really good way to release some of that. So, I am going to go through top to bottom, back to front, how you can release it.

So, we are going to start with the calf here. With the calf, you are just going to roll through the outside, through the middle of it, through the inside of it. Go the full length of it, when you find a knot or a tender spot, focus on that area, then move on.

From here, we are going to go on the side of our leg. This is the peroneal muscles, right outside the shin bone. And again, you’re just going to scour through, look for the areas that are tight, the trigger points, focus on them, then move on.

Now I am going to show you the IT band. So, you’re going to go through the IT band on the front side, on the quadricep side, then on the back side on the hamstring side. From here, let’s do the quad. So, its going to be the front side of your thigh bone, and you’re just going to go through; get the inside of it, get the outside of it, down by the knee, and up by the hip. As you are going through, again look for those tender spots, those trigger points, those adhesions, focus on them, then move on.

The next area we will look at, is the glutes. So, with the glutes, you go up into that figure four position, and you’re just going to work through, let it feed up into your pelvis, rotate over onto your side a bit, go over onto there a bit, and you’re just going to work through again and look for those tight spots that need it, then move on.

Finally, I am going to show you how to get the front side of your leg. The shinbone, so you are going to cross your leg over and roll forward on it just like that, and you should feel it over on the outside, right on the outside of your shin right there. This is a great way to start getting some of that tension out of your legs and improve the mobility in your legs.”


– Dr. Keith Belliveau, Chiropractor

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