Flexion-Distraction Therapy: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Flexion-Distraction Therapy: What You Should Know About This Technique

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What is Flexion-Distraction therapy and how does it work? These are two common questions many people have about flexion-distraction, a technique that many Chiropractors use to treat back pain and other health conditions related to the lumbar spine.

For example, Dr. Battershill at Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic in northwest Calgary performs Flexion-Distraction during application of the Cox® Technique on patients who have back pain and herniated / bulging discs.

Cox® Technique uses a specially-designed table to move and rotate the lumbar spine while pressure is applied to different vertebrae. Learn more about Cox® Technique for Spinal Pain Management in Calgary.

But still, the question remains…. What is Flexion-Distraction therapy and how does it work? Here’s the need-to-know about this widely used treatment method.

Q – What is Flexion-Distraction Therapy?

A – Flexion-Distraction therapy is a non-surgical technique used by Chiropractors that aims to resolve disc bulges / disc herniations and associated back pain by increasing the overall flexibility and mobility of the spine. It is a safe, proven and effective non-force procedure that acts to remove pressure off spinal nerves in a very gentle way.

These pressured nerves are often the cause of dysfunction within other parts of the body. When they are pinched, it can cause the internal organs and limbs to react in adverse ways and have a considerably negative effect on the health of an individual.

Q – How Does Flexion-Distraction Therapy Work?

A – Flexion-Distraction therapy is performed by a Chiropractor on a patient with the help of a specially-designed and engineered table. At Revelation Health Centre, this is the Cox® Table.

Patients are instructed to lay down on the flexion-distraction table and are usually strapped in for increased treatment effectiveness. Then, the Chiropractor will begin to manipulate the moving parts of the table in a repeating and gentle rhythmic motion while applying varying levels of pressure on the vertebrae.

This technique helps the spine move in a way that removes pressure from any disc bulge or herniation the patient may have by creating a reverse pressure that pulls the spinal disc back into the spine.

Treatments last anywhere from a few to several minutes and are usually paired with Chiropractic adjustments to help further restore alignment and correct any subluxations in the central nervous system.

Q – What Does Flexion-Distraction Therapy Treat?

A – The health conditions that this type of therapy can help include, but are not limited to the following:

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Q – The Benefits of Flexion-Distraction Therapy?

A – Aside from being a pain-free form of physical therapy, there are many other benefits to receiving Flexion-Distraction technique from your local provider including:

  • Increased range of motion within the spinal discs and joints
  • Reduction in pressure on spinal nerves due to a slipped / bulged / herniated disc
  • Reduction in symptoms of sciatica
  • Alternative option to back surgery for herniated discs
  • Maintaining healthy spinal discs and joints through imbibition
  • Maintaining healthy spinal discs and joints through articulation

Q – Is Flexion-Distraction Therapy Painful?

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A – No it’s not! Flexion-distraction therapy is performed on many patients post-surgery or are recovering from other back injuries. Chiropractors performing the technique are gentle to make sure that they don’t inflict pain or cause any more discomfort for the patient than what they are already experiencing.

As a matter of fact, many patients – even those who are in pain – find flexion-distraction to be calming, pleasant and relieving after treatment.

Q – Time for You to Try Flexion-Distraction Therapy?

A – Flexion-distraction therapy is well-researched and been proven to be an effective form of treatment for not only those conditions listed above, but for many others as well!

Chiropractors have been using this technique to help people avoid disability and / or surgery and treat their pain and discomfort for many years now. Is it time you try it out for yourself?

See what past clients had to say about their flexion-distraction treatments:

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Questions about Flexion-Distraction Therapy in Calgary?

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