How We Treat Herniated Discs at RHC: 6-Steps to Recovery

Herniated Disc Treatments at Revelation Health Centre, NW Calgary Chiropractic Clinic

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Are you suffering from a herniated disc and want only the best in rehabilitative treatment?

When a disc is herniated or undergoes some other type of stress-related injury, pressure on the disc tend to increase which makes it bulge and push on sensitive structures such as nerves and other soft tissues.

It’s a very serious type of spinal-cord injury that could create several other health complications if not treated properly and immediately.

We know just how debilitating and painful a disc injury can be, which is why we have developed a multi-step disc injury treatment program that maximizes your healing and shortens recovery time as much as possible.

Here’s how our chiropractors will help you begin the healing process for your herniated disc, step-by-step.

Step #1 – Initial Assessment

In correlation with your concerns and feedback, our examining chiropractor will gather as much information on your herniated disc as possible such as its location and the level of severity.

This is accomplished by performing a thorough assessment, which includes the following:

  • Postural assessment
  • Muscular assessment
  • Extremity assessment
  • Complete nervous system assessment
  • Structural and functional spinal assessment

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Step #2 – Cox® Decompression

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To begin your herniated disc treatment, decompression of the spine and release of the soft tissues is key in getting rid of unwanted pressures and stresses on the injury.

Dr. Battershill utilizes a Cox® Technique Flexion-Distraction, a specially-engineered chiropractic adjustment table that assists in stretching, adjusting and decompressing your spine through stretching movements.

This is a non-surgical, chiropractor-controlled approach that has you, the patient, lying on the table while Dr. Battershill performs spinal manipulation.

This method of spinal decompression is well-researched, well-documented and well-proven to assist in healing herniated discs as well as a broad range of other health problems related to the back and spinal cord.

Step #3 – Soft Tissue Therapy

Sometimes the soft tissues will react to a herniated disc and go into spasm which results in added stress on the injury.

To fix this our chiropractors apply Active Release Technique, a form of soft tissue therapy, to the affected areas which restores healthy motion and relieves abnormal compression.

Soft tissue therapy also addresses pain that may be caused by strained muscles and ligaments.

Step #4 – Assessment of Cartilage & Ligaments

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We assess the joint complex, meaning cartilage and ligaments, because soft cartilage can be chemically induced by nutritional deficiencies. If found, we support specific nutrition to harden the discs and harden the cartilage which helps prevent compression.

We also assess the ligaments for instability because if ligaments are weak and are not doing their job, when we physically exert ourselves the joints may become unstable and the discs accumulate more pressure as a result.

Certain supplements and dieting changes can help strengthen your cartilage and ligaments, which in turn will help you recover from your herniated disc injury.

Step #5 – Assessment for Inflammation

An assessment is done to evaluate if you have a body wide inflammatory reaction which always worsens the pain pattern seen with a bulging or herniated disc. To reduce inflammation, we use a combination of cold laser therapy and supplementation.

Our state-of-the-art TLC-2000 non-thermal therapeutic laser system is clinically proven to reduce inflammation and pain by activating the cells via light energy on a molecular level.

Step #6 – Prescribed Home Exerciseswoman winning celebrating healthy lifestyle

Home exercises are prescribed to support the work of spinal decompression and soft tissue rehabilitation done at our clinic.

These exercises will start off easy then progress in difficulty based on your needs.

The Healing Process…

Remember, it takes a minimum of 90 days to heal an injured disc with treatments being every day or every other day until 50 percent improvement in function is seen, meaning lowering of pain and improving range of motion.

If you truly want to recover as much as possible from your herniated disc injury, it will take time, commitment and a determination to recover!

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