7 Steps to Treating Concussions at Revelation Health Chiropractic

7-Step Guide to Treating Concussions at RHCbrain injury concussion treatments nw calgary chiropractors

Have you suffered a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Calgary and are looking to get treatment for the root cause? If so, Revelation Health Centre Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic uses a drug-free and holistic approach to help you recover from your injury as quickly and effectively as possible!

Here’s how our Chiropractors go through the post-concussion treatment process with you, step-by-step. Also see our concussion and TBI home to learn more:

#1 – Neurological Assessment

Concussion treatments begin with a functional neurological assessment to identify areas of the brain that have been affected by the injury.

Once these have been identified, our Chiropractor will create a test-response treatment plan that consists of a regimen of mental and physical tasks that stimulate the damaged part(s) of the brain, helping to restore function.

This process guides our Chiropractor, along with further assessment and other techniques like Chiropractic care, to create a unique concussion treatment plan tailored specifically for you.

#2 – Posture Assessmentback pain spinal decompression bad posture sitting form

Next up is to assess posture because 90 per cent of the input to the brain comes from the spine. If your posture isn’t correct, then the healthy input from the body to the brain decreases which increases the likelihood of concussion-associated symptoms such as:

  • Fogginess
  • Loss of memory
  • Lack of ability to organize one’s self
  • Perform basic everyday functions

Postural corrections will be made later using Chiropractic adjustments in addition to any necessary functional neurology treatments.

#3 – Balance Assessment

Balance is one important expression of healthy output from the brain. Generally speaking, improved balance after suffering a concussion or traumatic brain injury is a sign of recovery.

Therefore, testing balance and identifying your tolerance level to external forces is an important part of concussion diagnosis and recovery.

Based on the results, our Chiropractor will likely recommend home exercises to help restore healthy balance. Also see:

#4 – Timing & Rhythm Assessmentposturomed concussion balance cognitive function calgary

Assessing the rhythm and timing of your brain is critical because healthy input creates healthy output. The ratio we need to create just one healthy muscle coordination / rhythm / timing output is 40 healthy inputs.

This is part of the reason why home exercises are very important to restoring brain function after a concussion or traumatic brain injury.

It is also why you will see more results with more treatments and effort put into your post-concussion / TBI treatments. Also see:

#5 – Chiropractic Assessment

Your Chiropractic assessment includes a full spinal and extremity joint evaluation for functional nerve root compressions.

This is because every concussion we’ve seen at Revelation Health Centre over the years also comes with a whiplash component in the neck of varying severity.

Concussions occur when a physical force jerks your head in a way that also can affect the neck to varying degrees. Therefore, whiplash evaluation is also an important part of concussion treatments at our clinic.

#6 – Nutritional Testingnutritional testing nw calgary chiropractors

Our Chiropractor will perform testing for nutrition deficiencies that will help to promote and restore healthy neuron transmission.

Certain vitamins are suggested to each patient on an individual basis and its their choice if they want to follow these recommendations.

#7 – Recommendations

Often enough a Chiropractor will ask you about what kind of lifestyle you lead to help make better recommendations on what you can change to recover faster.

Healthy lifestyle recommendations are also often made to prevent over-stimulation and over-loading of the brain that have the potential to create a relapse in symptoms.

For example, it’s likely that our Chiropractor will recommend staying away from certain physical activities until after improvements in symptoms are seen.

Concussion Recovery Takes TimeKing Devick therapy treatments northwest calgary

Concussion injuries to the brain are unique and specific for each patient. The mode of injury – meaning whether there is torque or shearing forces on the blood vessels and neurons inside the brain – will determine how long it will take to restore healthy neuron firing and cure symptoms of concussion.

Essentially, our Chiropractor will re-wire the brain to function optimally by stimulating it with conservative exercise programs relating to the five senses on an individual basis for each patient.

NOTE: Our Chiropractor will evaluate each patient on a case-by-case basis and refer them to other healthcare professionals if they believe the patient needs different treatment.

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